So I'm Getting Laser Eye Tomorrow

In Toronto, LASIK MD!

Pretty excited to ditch the contact lenses and my extremely nerdy glasses, so just wishing myself good luck here…although hopefully the luck factor on eye surgery is non-existent

should I feel sketchy about having a $200 coupon printed?!

Anyone have any good or bad experiences, they recomend no heavy lifting (50lbs or more) for 3 days…

Follow the eye drop protocol exactly as prescribed.

Keep sunglasses with you at all times, as any kind of light can give you a mild headache for a couple weeks.

Go to your follow up appointments.

DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES! They will feel itchy, but don’t rub them no matter how much you may want to.

Make sure you have a ride to and from the appointment.

Your eyesight may not be all that great immediately afterwards, but it will get better in an hour or two.

IM getting the surger thursday morning(ish). i REALLY want to go to my homecoming on the saturday night…Not sure this is such a great idea though, guess we will see how it heals…

I don’t even own a pair of sunglasses, will have to borrow some from my brother…

Hey, I got it done 22 June this year. Best thing I have ever spent money on.
Mine was Ã?£1756. Depends on perscription. Don’t know if you know your perscription, but mine was -5.25 and -5.75 so I was really blind. When I used to go to my optician, he didn’t even get me to read out the letters on the board.

After the surgery, I went for my weekly checkup and was able to read an extra line, below the eyechart, so my vision is scary good!
It’s really straightforward, but I found the night I got it was a nightmare. Had to tape these big solid bits of plastic over my eyes for 7 days after so I didn’t rub them in my sleep. The first night was the worst because my eyes were streaming tears. Not sore, not even uncomfortable, just watering.

The procedure itself is fine. It’s not sore at all, just kind of feel presure on your eye.
The day after I got it I found sight to be excellent. I was pissing my girlfriend off because I had to go for a checkup, but on the way I was reading every sign and license plate, just because I could.

With regards to homecoming, you will be fine and able to go, and you’ll be extra cool since you’ll have to wear sunglasses the whole time!haha. And the clinis you go to will probably provide glasses. The ones I got aren’t normal sunglasses. Actually look good, but really really dark.

Anyway, thought I would share my experience and put your mind at ease a bit.

Good luck

My eyes are almost identical to yours Dools, -5.5/-5.75 so i was pretty crippled without my contacts…

I’ve never heard of watering eyes, but will def try and look out for it.

Im not nervous yet, im sure right before the surgery the fact that they are slicing off a tiny layer of my eye will rattle me a bit…

I’ve heard that while the laser is zapping away, you smell a sensation of burning hair…Im glad someone warned me about this otherwise who knows if I would of freaked out or not!

Thx for the headsup, im getting myself to the surgeons, then getting my brother to drive me home. Im going to a fairly “streamlined” or low budget one so don’t think they provide the glasses (not all the frills but huge reputation and my surgeon pretty much started and developed LASIK). Might as well get a decent pair though (polarized) its just good in general to have them…

Yeah def get the glasses. You’ll be really sensitive to light. You’ll probably find that you will notice a difference in sight straight away. No a big difference but straight after I was brough into the aftercare room and was able to read the clock which was about 15feet away. And I’m sure as you know, with our prescriptions, that never happened before!

Yeah there is a burning smell, sorry forgot about that. Apparently it’s the laser on the atmosphere. All you need to know is it isn’t your eye!haha.

When they are lifting the flap, you don’t even know. All you see coming towards you is like a circle, just gets clamped on your eye. Really not as bad as it sounds.

When they start witht the laser, they counted down how long I had left. Ask them to do this, makes it go really quickly. To give you an idea, I had to look into the laser for 50 seconds each eye, so it’s really quick.

The thing that takes longest is waiting for the drops to numb your eye.

And the laser is quite cool, not sure if they are all the same but it was like looking into a green and red strobe light!

Let me know how it goes, if you need anymore info, let me know.

But trust me, it’s best thing I’ve ever got done and you hardly feel anything

Guys, I’m interested in this thread as well. What was the general recovery time - able to see (maybe with sunnys) - after a day? two?

Is water/sweat in your eyes an issue? How long til you could exercise again? etc. Can someone spare a few mins and give us their perspective as a lifter?

if so, thanks heaps.


Laser eyes? Like cyclops?

Fucking awesome… Where do I get 'em?

/useless post.

I had PRK done in 2007. Procedure was fairly quick and it “worked” almost immediately as I could tell the difference as I left the hospital.

Lasik recovery times are supposed to be faster than PRK. I was down for the count for about a week afterward.

As others have said, use the drops exactly as directed.

For PRK they wanted us to take vitamin C constantly to heal our tear ducts since they were “fried” from the lazer. If they suggest large doses of vitamin C, I would do it.

I also had PRK and would suggest it if it is available to you over LASIK. Once you have LASIK you can not ever have corrective surgury in the future if you happen to need it say in 20 years or something. They actually slice into your cornea, making it less stable, injuries to the eye are also an increased risk.

The PRK method uses acid to burn away the epethielium that covers the cornia, and then they burn the correction onto the surface of the cornia, and then the epethelia grows back over it. This is why it takes a week or longer to recover from PRK and Lasik you are usually god in a day or two tops. My PRK was about 10 days of recovery before my eyes really didn’t bother me anymore.

They put protective contacts over your cornias, DO NOT EVER take them out before the doctor tells you to. I had one fall out and was in excruciating pain. Luckily my doc gave me these magical numbing drops which made any eye pain go away within seconds of dropping them into my eye. I finally got the contact back in while my eye was still numb and it worked out ok, no damage to the eye, I just irritated it a little.

Anyways, My eyesight is a little better than 20-20 so I’m fully happy with the results. My doc was 899 per eye, so it was a pretty good deal to boot. If you can deal with a week or two of discomfort (soap in your eyes feeling) I would definately go PRK, if not I would still do LASIK, but you may still need to wear eye correction down the road.


Where abouts are you from in Toronto, BMellow?

Which doctor in Toronto is doing the surgery?

I had mine done a few years ago and so glad i did, I had LASEK, deff recommend everything Doug Adams said, make sure you rest them for a solid week or two. Make sure that you get the right treatment for you, even if its the more expensive one.
I have a friend that went for the cheeper option and it didnt work out too well.

I noticed a difference straight away, tho need the sunglasses. First night was hellish if i remember correct, after two-three weeks and they were fine tho they were tender if they got knocked or were dry when i blinked, that lasted a few months.


[quote]danchubb wrote:
Guys, I’m interested in this thread as well. What was the general recovery time - able to see (maybe with sunnys) - after a day? two?

Is water/sweat in your eyes an issue? How long til you could exercise again? etc. Can someone spare a few mins and give us their perspective as a lifter?

if so, thanks heaps.


Hey Dan, I could see alot better although still quite blurry straight away. Went home and went to bed, When I got up the next morning I could see near wnough perfectly. Had aftercare that day and was able to read to driving standard.
When I had my next aftercare 1 week on I had perfect vision. I felt after 3 days that I had healed.

Regarding water, in the shower, basically don’t use any hair product for a week is what I was advised. Sweat wasn’t a problem.
I started lifting a week after and have no problems. Just wanted to give myself time.

got Dr. Cohen…

I used to live downtown now im in Markham (just north) till my GF moves back into town then we will prob get a place together…

SO gonna rule out drinking on the 3rd night in London then…ahh welll next year i guess…

thx for advice everyone if i dont respond here its cuz im blind and can not longer post…

My plan is to start lifting again Monday, but il ask the doc just to confirm…They havent said anything about showering and shampoo, also gotta ask about that.,…

(sorry if it dbl posts)

Good luck!

I want to get it done as well (-6 and -5.5), but I can’t afford it.

And if I could afford it, I’d still be too scared. I can’t believe you’re awake when they do that, fuck! :S

[quote]BMellow wrote:
In Toronto, LASIK MD!

Pretty excited to ditch the contact lenses and my extremely nerdy glasses, so just wishing myself good luck here…although hopefully the luck factor on eye surgery is non-existent

You know, this all could of been avoided if you just would of closed your eyes when the pay load came…

Seriously tho… I hope that shit goes well. Something about lasers and my eyes just doesn’t seem right. Good luck

Have fun at Homecoming! I’d heading to UWO Saturday too, maybe see you at the Ceeps!

Had mine done just over a year ago, and it is one of the best things to ever happen to me.
They told me to not lift anything heavy for 5 or so weeks. Obviously, lifting can put a lot of strain on your eyes so don’t test it.
I had my surgery done early thursday, and friday night I went to a small concert/around town. From what I remember, I was fine for the most part, though everything was still ‘foggy’ and my head did start hurting later in the night. I’m not sure how homecoming would be… It’s also a bitch to be putting eye drops in every hour for the first few weeks.

Oh, and also no sex for 3? 5? days? I did that same night, but maybe I got lucky?

Wow, looks like I should get PRK done soon. I have -6.25 in both eyes, looks like I win. I’m 20 years old though, how does it work for someone my age? I heard they will take a measurement or something, and then 6 months later do another measurement to see if your eyes are still growing or something… not really sure. Thanks.