So...I'm a Diabetic

I recently acquired and am currently fighting a pretty major infection. And, apparently, an infection like this will throw the blood sugar of a diabetic into a frenzy. I never knew I was or felt diabetic, but after having to check into a hospital, apparently I am.

So I’m brand new to the diabetic game. Right now I’m on insulin and pills, but when my infection is 100% gone I’m holding hope to stop the insulin. With good diet and exercise, I’d love to stop the pills too.
Being new to this game, I’m interested in advice or guidance from fellow T-folks who may know a thing or two. I cruised through the diabetes forums, but I don’t fit there.

There seam to be too many middle aged people wanting to eat ice cream. I’m thinking a good diet for diabetes isn’t that far off from a good T-diet. I’m really looking at Berardi’s 7 Habits.
I’m also interested to hear any tips relating to training. Is there anything special to watch out for? Any suggestions?

Basically, though I understand everyone is different, I’m looking for some pointers for a T-dude who is new to the diabetes game.
If it helps, I’m 35 and too soft around the middle. Basically I’m an FFB who never quite made it all the way.

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Some people have supposedly healed themselves of diabetes by following very low/no carb diets until their systems reset. It is definate that such a diet will reset one’s carb sensitivity to a great deal.

I would recommend the V-Diet if you are up to it psychologically, or at least a solid meal low carb diet.

High protein/High fat/low carb lifestyle. You might want to check into “The protein power diet” book. There are plenty of diets like this out there.

Some comments-

The infection didn’t “cause” the diabetes. Being fat did. Now that you’re an FFB it just took the infection to occur before you noticed the symptoms. You’re about the right age that you likely would have had the symptoms regardless eventually. That is unless you were consciously diet controlled (which you wouldn’t have been since you didn’t know).

I echo the moderate fat, moderate protein, low carb mantra… eventually. I am diabetic and have been for quite some time now. I’ve noticed a great deal of success on low carb plans, specifically the Anabolic Diet. The V-Diet is good, but not while you are currently taking insulin and pills. You need to wait on that one until you are off the meds.

For right now, while on the meds, you need to concentrate on keeping your insulin response in check. This can easily be accomplished by controlling your intake of carbs and your timing. Basically try to take in a modest amount at each meal, trying to keep it the same, and up your frequency of eating.

An example would be to try to get in 15-20 grams of carbs 5-6 times a day equally spread out. The number was just an example, as you need to determine the right amount for you. This goes against the P/F P/C eating scheme, but is more important for insulin control. Hopefully you can lose a few pounds too and get off the meds, especially once the infection is gone. Then move into a low cab approach.

Good luck.