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So, Ibuprofen is Bad News

I was aware that ibuprofen for DOMS was bad. But this is news. Ibuprofen can - and I’ll stress CAN lead to infertility… And I wonder if “compensated hypogonadis” - which is a testosterone imbalance has wider effects? However given the wide use of NSAI’s in contact sports like rugby and NFL etc I can’t see it being a game changer.

Link to the study:

I understood maybe 5 words in that lol. I rarely use over the counter pain meds anyways

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It looks as is the study took place over 6 weeks with the men taking 600mg a day. At the end of which normal testicular function was impeded. Including testosterone production.
When the testicals stop working it created a condition called compensated hypogonadis.
This is linked to all sorts of issues, impaired fertility, depression, heart failure, and stroke.

Medical “world” reaction.

Just a bit concerning as I was on 1200mg a day for 12-15 week twice in the last 3 years.

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Just spoke to my wife - they are fine, still in the jar.