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So I Took a Week Off

i took a week off because i gave my self some minor injuries by deadlifting and doing upright rows, i was back at the gym last night after taking 7 whole days off. I definately didnt lose any size during this week. when i got under the bar to do warmup on the bench press last night it felt so heavy. all the other exercises were the same. (had to decrease the weight by 5 or 10 Lbs) anyone else have a similar thing happen to them? how long did it take your strength to return?

Yes, I typically come back a little weaker after taking some time off. Do not sweat it though, you should be back to normal after a good week of training.

I get that feeling when I go to a different gym or train at a different time of the day but when I take a break from my routine and fall back into my routine I’m usually stronger.

Sometimes that happens to me but other times I’ve not lost anything at all. Every time though I get sore as hell with any lay off…like I haven’t lifted in like a year.

Hey Grind over matter, after taking the week off how did you come back into it. Were you tired coming back from lack of sleep ? It sounds really odd that you would actually lose strength after just a week off, if anything I think a week off after some intense training would make you come back stronger…?

just came from a week off too cos i felt an unusual pain on my right shoulder… came back yesterday and felt as strong as the time i left… and the pain is gone

GrindOverMatter, just wondering about your diet during your off week. Did you keep the same volume and quality of food as during a normal training week or did you lower food intake to maintenance while taking time off?

I always come back noticeably stronger if I miss a few workouts. My flexibility goes to shit though…every lift feels like I forgot to stretch.

triple 10- i did feel sort of crappy last night, i had a unsettled stomach and i did feel sort of tired.

anthro-my diet basically stayed the same as always through the week, but i did have a couple of slip ups where i did no plan well enough and didnt get to eat quite as much as i would of wanted, that only happened twice i think and it was nothing major.

i thought was i going to come back stronger as well, which is why i made this thread :frowning:

I wouldn’t worry about it Grind. You may have taken a time off but there is no way that you lost size or strength in that short amount of time. If your like me you most likely were just tired because you found time for other stuff like staying out later or doing other activities that still drained you a little bit.

Usually I come back stronger IF I’m diligent with my eating. But sometimes a ‘rest’ week for me is just a week to let loose a little bit. I’m more likely to eat more sporadically, not as clean, probably less protein, more carbs. More likely to drink. In these cases, I come back a bit weaker.

yeah im not sweating it, im excited for a back/bicep workout tomorrow lets hope i can still do widegrip pullups!