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So I Realized Something...


I was talking to a 5'8 292 pound man today as he sat at my table with his 115 pound girlfriend. Of course it didn't take long for us to start talking about gyms. He told me he works out at home but he also signed up at Planet Fitness, but just for cardio as the cardio equipment at his house "makes it shake" when he uses it.

We also talked about how bad it is for lifting weights and started making fun of the people who lift there in their "judgement free zone".

Then i realized something...

I realized that Planet Fitness is the greatest fucking thing ever in the history of gyms. I no longer hate Planet Fitness, in fact i love it.



Because they help contain all the people who don't want to workout for real, who want to be left alone and tossed into the corner away from the judgmental eyes of the guy who just hit his first 315 bench. The way i see it is the less of them crowding my gym, the better. I wish Planet Fitness was free, i wouldn't train there, but i know everyone else who didn't want to pay for a better quality of equipment and a higher poundage of dumb bells would flock to it, leaving only me and maybe 25 others to remain. That would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me in my lifting career. Thank you Planet Fitness. Please, keep expanding and taking as much clientele as you possibly can. The sooner the better.


there will always be a yin to the yang.

if there was a deprivation of facilities with dumb bells even up to 100 pounds, someone withen 5 miles of every major city would create a hardcore gym, with dumb bells up to 200, just to have them.

my point is, i love that Planet Fitness is just taking people i dont want to see at my gym and giving them somewhere else to go. now if someone could only make a gym with with 100 treadmills, an ab station, a room with a black light (to hide? to rave?) and 5 benches to every 1 power rack... oh wait... fuck, that sounds like my gym



^ then... then the resisitance.


Since when do you use punctuation?


I wish I had a gym that took all the wasters away from my gym :frowning:


I guess he's serious.


Sadly, the planet fitness rejects will still find their way into a gym near you...its inevitible.


LiveFromthe781...Your realization sounds alot like ^^^this guy's "Final Solution"....


Well, PF isn't free but they are running deals now where membership is only like $10 or $99 a year or some shit.

I really can't stand that place, even the colors.


lol, while I would never recommend someone who wants to make a serious commitment to planet fitness, it is fine for people who just want to be "healthy." I mean most people dont even consider para-workout nutrition, or use any type of caloric manipulation, in which case, that gym is just fine.

I think the bigger problem is there is a lack of different gym types in most areas. Every gym wants to be universal and cater to every type, for increased revenue, when they actually are just aggrevating their main client base.


I used to know a pro who worked out at home, but belonged to 24 hr Fitness. After he got jacked lifting at home he spent his days at 24 hr just to pick up girls. PF has a legitimate purpose. Chicks dig it.


I'm betting the vast majority of two-year memberships are sold to fat women who come twice and never return. Figure out a way to attract that sort of clientele, and you'll never have a problem keeping the doors open.

Hell, you can even "gay it up" for a month or two with some bosu balls and mini trampolines, pull a ton of two-year-no-refund memberships, and then turn the place into a chalk-and-rust hellhole, and none of the lazy office bitches will even notice, because they stopped coming after they got their very first case of DOMS.

Oh wait, that's what my gym did.



if it came down to it, i could always train at this powerlifting gym about 10 blocks away. they dont have a leg press or other machines useful to bodybuilding there which is honestly the only reason i havent gone.


lol, holy good god I laughed pretty hard at this.

I gotta say I can relate LIve, separate the jokers from those who are serious.

For me though, I could care less about what other people are doing, so long as I have 1.) A gym that lets serious lifters lift (which I do) 2.) Bad ass training partners (2) that have the exact mindset you do (which I do).

2 is just a nice perk, though. So I'm one happy fella.


I know everyone pays to use the gym and has equal rights to the equipment yada yada... but it bugs the shit out of me when I need to use a machine, power rack, incline bench, et al, and I see someone on there fucking around. Granted they may be doing something legit at that particular moment, but I just know they're going to quit coming to the gym within a week or two.

It's one gigantic waste of my time waiting on them; I got no problem having to wait on someone who actually has a valid purpose to be at the gym, though.

Accordingly, I've developed a workout plan to avoid waiting as much as possible based on the equipment usage trend I notice.


i agree, everyone has a right to use the equipment; its all the same dollar. but theres an unspoken stipulation that you should be using it right.

and if you're like me most non serious people will leave the piece you want to use as soon as you arrive or right after you say, "can i work in?". i swear half the people i ask that will leave as if by coincidence 50% of the time i ask someone is actually done...yeah right. whether they leave or let me work in, im happy.


i honestly like working out with only a few people around. too many people walking around, grabbing plates, making noise, all around just irking me...i dont like it.

training with serious people definately has its perks. training with Detazatoth at a hardcore PLing gym was one of the best times i've ever had a gym. i just couldnt see myself training there longterm due to equipment issues.


I think you have a valid point LiveFromThe781. The only problem is that it's pretty hard nowadays to find a gym with all the ammenities that bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic lifters like to use. Most gyms nowadays suck!

There's a small amount of free weights off in a corner somewhere. One squat rack, followed by four smith machines, four benches, if you're lucky, and a wide variety of fracked up machines that don't do jack for you.

I mean if you've got a serious gym in your AO, you're lucky. I was lucky when I was living in Oregon. The owner at the time was an Olympic lifter and avid bodybuilder in his later years. He had his gym packed with all sorts of great equipment.

There was all the free weights you could ever want. Four squat racks, three deadlift/Olympic lifting platforms, two sets of DBs up to 150lbs, a lineup of Hammer Strength machines and enough space to use it all.

We even had some homemade machines like a donkey calf machine with extra weight attachments, supported t-bar, reverse hyper, the works. It was a smaller gym, but it was the best damn gym I've ever trained in and worked at in my opinion.

Our sports are taking a backseat at the moment to the lame fitness enthusiasts that like to come and get their workout on to think they're actually doing themselves some good since they sit at a desk all day and don't really know the meaning of hard work and dedication that all of us bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic lifters endure on a day to day basis.

Granted it would be nice to have a gym that we all could get along in and not be frustrated waiting for those who like to consume the only good O2 in the room, but it's just not going to happen. I'd actually like to see a gym with segregated areas, like they do in some gyms for the women who are afraid to workout around the meatheads.

Put the serious lifters in a special room with a good dose of heavy metal, chalk, squat racks, deadlift platforms, adjustable benches and DBs galore and fracking tell them to get their freak on. Everyone's moderately happy, at least until the little pencil neck geek comes in a tries to bench 405 and crushes his sternum...

It's not a perfect solution, but it'd be better than always dealing with the O2 scrubs. Just my two cents, if that...


The simple solution to all this is to buy a rack and bench, set them in the backyard and lift happily ever after. You lose access to all the fancy specialty equipment, but the payoff is more than worth it.


I actually prefer working out when the gym is busy, as long as the equipment I need isn't taken. There's something about seeing a bunch of people lifting heavy that gets me pumped up.

The eye candy is great too (I train at the 24-Hour Fitness near my campus... it's packed full of college students). Cardio bunnies and girls squatting and doing lying leg curls and ab exercises... I love it.