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So I Quit Smoking Weed Today...


Yep, that's right. Ive quit smoking weed for GOOD last night! I smoked weed every day for the past 5 years and now it's time to give it up. I promised myself I wouldn't smoke it anymore. My lungs do not feel healthy and I only hope that the damage done to them will begin to heal though I know it may be permanent. I decided that if I ever want to get high again it will have to be through eating the thc.


I'm also going to give away my bongs and pipes. I bought a doubleboiler today so I can make the best cannabutter/oil possible. THC is a gift!!!! Inhaling smoke is slow suicide. PS for the dumbfuckers who think that it is addictive, I laugh in your face. No withdrawals here.


A vaporizer can do wonders. Now lets go smoke a spliff in celebration!


It may not cause physical dependence, but it can be psychologically addictive. I've had several friends and acquaintances who swore they had smoked for the last time, only to start back up again a couple of weeks later.


In less than 24 hours you've 'quit'? And withdrawals... I wouldn't expect them with 24 hours anyway. I don't expect you to have them, but lets give it longer than 24 hours to say you 'quit'.


I'm the kind of person who makes up their mind to do something and then does it. I told myself that I was going to quit smoking cigarettes after 7 years of pack/day smoking cold turkey. Its been over a year and haven't gone back. Honestly, I can say that quitting tobacco was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I'm expecting quitting smoking weed to be a breeze compared to that. I've absolutely made up my mind that I've quit smoking weed. Its final.


Use a vaporizer man. I get phlegmy if I smoke too regularly but vaporizers are much healthier (and efficient). Taking a break for a week or so to lower your tolerance is a good way to ease up the respiratory stress too.


Same here dude. Smoked a pack a day from 16-23 with interspersed times of quitting. I could quit cold turkey and be just fine but 'accidentally' start up again 5 or 6 months later and get addicted all over again. Once I get past day 3 I'm good to go... until that one night many months later when I'm like 'just one can't hurt huh'? Stupid stupid stupid. It really is the hardest thing I've done, and I've done it successfully about 3 times. The key is never 'just have one' again.


Your absolutely right. That 'just one puff' will get you hooked right back again.

Just to make sure I really mean it, I gave away my favorite pipe in the whole wide world. This thing hit the best out of anything ever ever smoked. This here pipe is beautifulll!!!! And now it belongs to my best friend.


Yeah, I'm not going to be able to only smoke the vap. I have to quit smoking everything. Even the vaporizer makes me cough up a lung. I just don't feel the need to absorb a drug through the lungs when it can be safely eaten to produce effects. The cost and convenience benefits of smoking to eating just don't seem worth it to me anymore.


I thought you had just recently said you believe there were no dependence issues?


Just smoke moar.


No one quits Blowjobs...Never happen !!!

Oh wait...weed, whatever.


cool. but the journey lasts a lifetime. the first time I quit cigarettes I was clean for 3 years. then one night in a bar after my divorce a friend gives me a marlboro and I go and buy a carton the next day. Que sera. Anyway, while I don't object to it on principal, I do have to admit that long term cannabis use wasted a lot of time, energy, and cash for something that didn't really enhance my life.




I was talking about cigarettes not weed. Cigarettes are highly addictive.


Man, I actually just stopped two days ago. I feel much more upbeat now that I'm not high essentially all day (excluding workouts, I try not to be high for that,) but I also feel a LOT more bored.

I plan on buying a sack tomorrow, but that's because it's the damn weekend. I think you're going to find it quite lame going for that long and stopped immediately. Oh well, depends on how well you can keep yourself busy, man.

Good luck.


Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I'm actually quitting SMOKING weed. I will still make me some weed cookies and brownies from time to time. I think I will buy a quarter of some super dank for $120 two times a month just to make food with. I figure if I get the really good stuff, I can split a quarter into 7 1g doses. A gnote of that goodness should be plenty to get me high on a empty stomach. I'm actually looking forward to getting high without smoking.


I quit when I run out of money!


I'll never quit weed. But that said, I try my damn best to avoid smoking. I always use a vaporizer.

Good choice though. Smoking is evil in large quantities.