So i now understand that bread=bad.... But where should my carbs come from then?

Seriously, i know this may sound like a retarded question, but where should the majority of my carbs come from? Oatmeal? Also how much bread a day is acceptable? I just recently read on t-mag that bread is a source of crappy carbs, and i realize virtually all my non-sugar carbs come from wheat/wheat flour

How about a little information?




Fruits and all veggies, including starchy ones like yams and potatoes, are excellent sources of “clean” carbs - full of nutrients and fiber. Also, rice and plain yogurt are good sources of carbs. Bread is fine as long as you stick to the grainy, seedy variety, or try some flax bread. White bread is best saved for post-workout.


as BodyIQ alluded to, we need more info. The amount of carbs you ingest all depends on your goals, LBM, etc etc.

Personally my CHO sources come from the following:

Oatmeal (100% rolled)
Cereal (whole grain…usually Smart Start)
Whole Grain Bread (flax)
Surge or Relentless + Malto
Whole Wheat Pasta (once per week)

Also, I only ingest the majority of my carbs post workout and in the morning. Other than those two times…its protein and “healthy” fats

Damn you, Mage. You beat me to it.

Beer. ;-))

Seriously, there’s this really, really great article here at T-Mag. It’s called, “Food That Make You Look Good Nekkid”

It contains a nice list of carb choices.

Most of your carbs shouldn’t come from any one source. It’s just like anything…always use a variety.

But as far as carbs, if it comes in a box, don’t eat it! That would get you headed in the right direction fast.

ALL breads are crap unless you get sprouted, soaked, or fermented breads. But you’ll likely only find these in the freezer section of a healthfood store (and ONLY in the freezer section, as freezing is required to keep it fresh). Even then, check the ingredients and don’t get anything with flour in it. Watch out for added crap, too.

The only oatmeal you should get are small packages of steel cut oats. The other stuff isn’t real food. Soaking it overnight is a good idea if you can.

Brown rice would also be acceptable if you soak it.

Beets are good, although they’re pretty high GI, so these would be good for post-workout meals. Potatoes are the same. Yams are GREAT as they’re pretty low GI. Raw carrots are fairly low GI and are good sources. Squahes are a good source as well. Having fruits in there is a good idea, too. But again, always vary the sources. Not all fruits, not all veggies, and not all grains. Papayas are great fruits, although many don’t like them. Avocados are good fruits, but I’m not sure of how much they have in terms of carbs.

Nuts should be used in moderation, and they should be soaked to reduce phytate content and to increase the mineral content. If you want a great source of minerals and some good vitamins (like E), then sprouted sunflower seeds are excellent. They taste a lot like corn.

You forget that beer is, as the germans would say, flussiges brot-- or liquid bread. If only I could figure out a way to toast it and put jam on top, then I’d be able to cut the loaf bread out of my diet.

Just drink wheat beer… Its a source of ‘good’ carbs… :wink:

I guess my goals would be to build large amounts of muscle… But yeah, so let me see if i got this straight so far; whole wheat breads, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal… anything else?