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So I Met Andy Bolton on Saturday...


... and i just thought i'd share the experience.

It was my first competition (push/pull only), albeit a casual promo type thing (new gym opening in the area, friend of a friend etc). We got a squat lesson, no one volunteered so i was straight in there getting form tips from the legend himself :smiley:

I picked his brains on the following:

-his routine
-his diet (lol)
-grip training (my weakest link, see "race to 600 thread" for pic and other shit).

(before i go on, i have to say, what a nice fucking chap, there was another "big name" from strongman present and he didnt vibe well, was obvious he didnt wanna be there lol)

The routine:

Monday: Bench (4 hrs, JUST bench, bands, chains, planks etc) (heavy)

Weds: Squat/Deads (heavy)

Thurs: All the other shit: hamstrings, side laterals ("3 sets of 20, just to get the blood flowing"), abs, biceps, lat pulldowns, calves

Saturday: Cardio and other stuff (i didnt catch WHEN he trains grip, i assume weds or sat)

4 days, 2 heavy 2 light

Diet: doesnt know how many cals, doesnt care, 6 or 7 meals a day, this includes cheese sandwiches :wink:

Grip training... i was very fucking lucky that out of the 60-80 odd competitors/spectators, only 3 of us were properly interested in powerlifting, everyone else was there to see Alvin Small, pro BB, so we got a real good chance to pick his brains. I asked him about grip cus mine was shit, apparently he never gave it much thought until he dropped 1003lb. He doesnt use grippers or static holds, says the best thing is gripping a moving weight simulating a fast pull, does double overhanded shrugs (280kg) and that type of thing, never ever uses straps.

Thats most of whats useful anyway, hope this helps someone. Wasn't gonna go was bein a lazy bastard glad i did!






Super lucky. . .

Thanks for sharing the info. I guess I'll go shrug 280kg right quick, haha.


I think he mentioned in a TNation article that he hadn't considered grip until he missed that lift, too.


I am fortunate enough to have met Andy a few times both at meets and seminar style like huscarl and I would have to agree with everything he said he was an absolute legend, no bullshit, no ego. Just told it like it is, hard work, dedication and training smart for YEARS not 8 weeks gets you to where you wanna be!!

The only thing I would add onto huscarls post is that Andy does very little assistance work standing, if something can be done seated and saves the back for the big lifts then do it. He's a top man and if anybody has the chance to meet with him in uk or wherever make the effort you won't be disappointed!


@ huscarl - can i ask where you met him mate? i was thinking of joining a gym down by hanger lane in london called Genesis and apparently he trains down there, its run by dave beattie. Lawrence Sharlei and Jimmy Marku train down there too. I'd love to train around guys like that but i'm worried it might be a bit daunting! i'm only 165lbs!!!


Through a powerlifting mate I'm going to his gym to see the big man himself in action. It's only a 20 minute train away from my uni halls so cannot wait :slight_smile:

Was the well known strongman Terry Hollands?


Andy is a hell of a nice guy. I met him at the Night of The Living Dead last year. Lifting didnt start until 6 at night so I had a few hours to hang out/warm-up with him. He is really big. I have never seen a human being eat so many bananas at one time.


Re: his grip training, his e-mail newletter says he trains his grip Weds and Sat.

That's awesome that you got to meet him


To clarify on the heavy dead/squat day:

I remember reading some years back that he both squats heavy and deads heavy on that day every week. Is that still what he does?


newsletter, you say?


did i read that right that he benches for 4 hours?


COOL!! I love andy bolton. He does seem very down to earth judging by his status updates that I creep regularly....


Yes heavy squats and deads on the same day right up to competition and the last time i heard him talk about his pre comp training i think his last heavy leg session was almost five hours. The man gets shit done!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did say. PM me your e-mail and I'll forward it to you, and you could sign up for it. Pretty cool, he's sent out a series regarding his dealift


yeah he made a point of telling us to take our time between sets "it's not bodybuilding". Fair cop. I suppose it's gonna take a while tho when you've got 10 ppl cycling thru the same excersise.

@theotherbloke, no it wasn't Hollands i've never met him

Andy made a very good point about using knee wraps... the guy's 42 and squatting 521kg. It's a bit comedy cus anything you hear normally you're a bit sus', he could have told me anything i'd probably do it lol


You can sign up for it here...

He has an interesting approach to grip training....


Shit here goes the street cred...

... i always thought andy was on the gear,

half way thru that vid he says he isnt

any thoughts? was that just for the benefit of any kids watching or what?

fucksake he cant be natty? lol




Notice the GT hat. If possible he just got even awesomer.


He just posted some more of his grip training...