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So I Lost 70 Pounds in 9 Months...


but after an accident that involved amputation of the fatty tissue of a finger, I lost the habit of going to the gym, because due to my slow metabolism I guess, it took 3-months for the skin to completely graft.

During this time I got particularly careless, because I also dropped my newly created healthy eating habits. Naturally, this combo has led me to re-gain some of my lost weight, which for me going from a 290, 5'7 obese person to a 219 was what I would like to call a "good start" in the path of being healthier. Other noticeable reversals are that muscle tone I had gained has been slowly deteriorating.

So now I want to restart going to the gym, not only to be physically healthier, but because as a person who fights with clinical depression and refuses to take medications, I found that exercising was a stabilizing force. Suffice to say that at the very least it helped me keep distracted.

However, in retrospect, I must confess that my Ć¢??gym scheduleĆ¢?? was rather erratic, with myself sticking to doing aerobic exercising (such as spinning, treadmill, stepper) and low-intensity free weight exercises (like lunging, roman chair) 6 times a week for 2 hours a day, and short to no plan to achieve what was my end goal: reduce weight while increasing muscle strength/size. For that reason I was wondering if any of you body building veterans had any guidelines to help me become more organized when exercising, to create a routine that is ideal to lose weight while gaining muscle.

Thank you for your time.


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