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So, I Legit Made a Word Up


I googled it in quotes. Not a single indexed website has the world "Novembulk."

I initiate a new holiday, for those of us who are already bearded like bears but could use more meat:


Discuss, or yell at me saying you thought of it first.




Its not the best made up word I've heard on here lately. I prefer Attydeb's new word "Bulgarianed" its the past tense of the verbe meaning "to bulgarian" which is to perform a Bulgarian Split Squat.

Proper Use: "You Bulgarianed the fuck out of those!"


Wait so are you talking about a beard or about building muscle (bulking?)

I think these made up words are amazeballs


Although I didn't make the words themselves up, I started trying to create a few new slang terms that maybe you guys might like to use when you want to appear really cool and cutting edge in front of your friends.

If something is really cool, it's "deck". As in: that shirt is really deck! or Man, that ass is lookin' deck!

If something is really cool, it can also be "glad". As in: that movie was pretty glad! or It would be glad if the Giants won the Series.

If something is not cool, it is "fin". As in: if Hallowed doesn't post some pics up in T-Vixen it would be fin. or That old car is looking pretty fin.

Know these terms, love them, use them.


My BFF and I have been using Fin for years.
It is the declaration of the full, permanent, and unquestioned death of a relationship.
Started using this in high school.
Most recent context her divorce.

Me: So its over?
Her: "Fin"


Trog = a really ugly chic

Trog Farmer = a man who has no qualms with going after or hooking up with multiple Trogs


But the context in which you use the word "fin" would suggest that it is shortened from its etymological origin, "finished". My introduction of the slang term "fin" into the American lexicon is meant to be as a complete word all to itself. Fin in the way I use it is not short for anything. Maybe this could cause some confusion and I should start to think about a different term.


Or that she is speaking spanish.


Re-mapping existing words is cheating, you fools. Also, conjugating existing nouns is also absurd.

And "Novembulk" implies a month of balls-to-the-wall bulking, nothing to do with beard growth.


It could be worse.

She could be a female hipster and watch French movies with subtitles.


Have you been reading the 'hipster handbook'? Deck and fin both play prominent roles in that stupid stupid book.


I often dress like a hipster and go to hipster towns and hipster stores and restaurants just to feel different sometimes. I'm not tooly enough to wear things like Affliction shirts and such, not my jive son. Granted, hardcore hipsters are annoying:


(look at this fucking hipster).com
its fabulous


^^This is so cliche


Drat, you caught me. Uh... atleast I'm... not a poser! Yeah! I'm so unique and retro man I'm bringing back vintage


/fin thread.


I'm convinced I popularized widespread usage of the term "creepin'" among suburban white youth. I wish I could somehow collect a royalty on it.

DBCooper, it's funny that you mention "deck" because I hear the expression, "on deck," used in almost the same way. It works 10x better though. I highly recommend it.


But adding part of a month and adding a verb is legit?

Oktoberfest...you ripped them off, fucktard.


It came from some foreign film we saw in junior high. Instead of "the end" the one word "Fin" appeared on the screen.


They're in their? Really? Fuck it then. Those terms are out. I'll have to come up with something else. Maybe the hipsters caught on early; I've been pushing those words for a couple years now. If that's the case, then does this mean they really are "hip"?