So I Have This Big Bucket of Rice

What exactly are you supposed to do with it? I’ve heard it work on grip/forearm strength.

I must have pounded my hands in to that thing and squeezed the shit out of that rice for like 5 minutes each hand and nothing…my grip blows big time too. I know someone recommended this for building it up but for some reason i feel like i am doing it wrong as hard as that may seem.

To develop punching power use a big bucket of small pebbles and throw punches into the bucket…used open hand and closed hand

What does punching power have to do with grip and forearm strength?

You’re supposed to put your hand into the rice and open / close your hand repeatedly.

If it’s to easy, use sand instead.

Still to easy? Add water to the sand to make it heavier and stickier.

there are a bunch of good grip training exercises. You can do the pinch plate exercises. Take three 10 lb olympic plates and hold them all together in one hand for 10-20secs. If thats too easy, try four plates. If you dont have access to a gym, you can use a towel or a a sweatshirt, and just simply squeeze it until your hands get sore.

Steam, add soy sauce and enjoy

Ball bearings or bb’s work too. Are you opening your hand all the way and closing it all the way, becuase I did it with sand, and its tough as hell after a minute or two.

Take the rice, wash it and then boil it and eat it, as that’s all it’s good for.

As to your grip, get out the barbells. If you want better punching power hit a heavy bag.

(I should have taken more time on this but I think you first need to know the basics)

Put your hand in it, squeeze and twist your hands/forearms.

Go here to:

Go to exercise video descriptions and scroll all the way to the bottom.