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So I Found This Song


and i think it's great


I'm kind of hit and miss with Kings of Leon. This song is not bad, but it reminds me heavily of The Pixies.


I like those guys. The new cd wasn't great, but the first three are pretty good.

This one I haven't gotten sick of yet:

...worth checking out in my opinion


Not Kings of Leon, but I love this remix.

Kid Cudi > Kanye West


Fuck Kanye West firstly.

Secondly, glad you've now discovered the Kings of Leon Live. Welcome to the party 5 years later.

Hope you brought beer.


The Pixies are one of the best ever! I think I'm going throw them on iTunes right now


Which song is it? I can't view it.

Thank you fucking censorship and youtube in the UK, I will continue to pirate music just for you.

Kings of Leon are good though.


I hate it. I don't say that too often about songs, but I can say comfortably that I hate this song. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but listening is quite like having fillings in your teeth and chewing on aluminum foil.

However, I do like many of their other songs.


I like them, but this song just didn't do it for me.

I guess I prefer the new "boy band" version of Kings of Leon.


CuDi is pretty much my favorite from that genre.


can we just leave Kanye West out of this please?

i like Kings of Leon's song Sex on Fire

i also like this song by Peter Bjorn and John


the song i linked is called Charming


I like Sex on Fire and Use Somebody, mostly I like Use Somebody because its really easy to play on guitar, like 4 power chords.


I liked the Peter Bjorn and John song linked.

Not new songs, but some I've been listening to a lot recently:

Modest Mouse - Float On

MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

The Horrors- Count in Fives

(better than their newer stuff IMO)

She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart


Peter Bjorn and John is the best band that no one listens to. i know everyone on the internet knows about them but somehow no one in real life does.

chick in Tear You Apart video is howt


I always think of STD's when I hear that song. It is pretty catchy though.


this song by PBJ also hilarious/awesome


Very nice find! I like it a lot.

Regarding a later comment you made, I'm guessing their lack of popularity in the US (and perhaps worldwide) has to do with the band's image. I'm not sure young mainstream music listeners are turned on by overweight, middle-aged, and bearded Swedish men! :slight_smile: