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So I Finally Got on the Platform


Did my first powerlifting meet this weekend. It was a push/pull in the SPF in Cookeville TN. I did okay, but didn't hit the weights I was hoping for.

Competed raw at 220 (weighed in at 214 thanks to a cold).

My benches were 325, 350, 375(miss). My pulls were 500, 525, 550(agonizingly close miss). So I ended up totaling 875 (was wanting 900) and took 1st. I did beat 1 other guy in my classification.

Have some good video of it but haven't gotten it off the camera yet. I'll post it later as long as no one makes fun of me in a singlet. Hah.


VIDEO! good work pretty strong numbers


That's a great job!


Congrats man


Nice lifts!


Good lifts, BTW wearing the singlet is so that people CAN make fun of you! Nobody will make fun of your lifts though!
Get the video up soon!


I forgot to mention I gave myself a mowhawk just before the meet too.


Nice Work!!


good idea. mohawks and other related badassery add at least 20 lbs to your lifts. great work.


Here are a couple of pics of me waiting to lift. No lift pics because my camera girl was recording video.




Nice bum...

Oh and good lifts too :slightly_smiling: I have my first meet on Saturday and am not looking forward to wearing my singlet....


how did you like the SPF? I compete in that fed. I'm getting ready for the Virgina Championships in Salem, Va.

great lifts for a first comp!!


No equipment checks, no strict rules or judging, in other words, perfect for my first competition. (I was a little disappointed with a couple of the people benches that got passed though).

I had my buddy Deron with me though to help me with everything and not let me do anything stupid. He ended up pulling an easy 695 @ 308 in single ply. He was testing out his hamstring for the first time since tearing some scar tissue.

I plan on doing the bulk of my competitions in the USAPL in the future.


Hah, thanks. I swam through highschool, so the singlet was a step up from that.


Nicely done, DD!


Not bad at all!


I am chubby like you.

I wear a t-shirt under my singlet at all times. I recommend you do the same.

Nice lifting.


Speak for yourself, I have hawt abz.


Congrats man, nice lifts.