So I Aspirated ...

So I aspirated and there were only bubbles but then when I pulled out the needle there was alot of blood.

I have read many forums in this regard and I know the typical answer people tend to give to this subject : " you may have ruptured a vein when inserting the needle etc"

but my situation is abit different! I was doing a left glute injection myself and my hand were quite shaky and I am worried that I may have moved the needle inside my glutes and injected a little of the gear into a vein ? Is that even possible?

I seem to still be alive but I am still somewhat concerned!

You would know immediately if you injected into a vein lol

(coughing fit).

You’re fine, if you did your ass would be all purple and other nice colors. You probably lost a bit of oil with the blood. Either way, nothing to worry about.