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So How's Your Vitex Experiences Coming?

I just bought a bottle, and I’m wondering what everyone else’s experiences have been so far.

I’ve started taking Vitex with MD6 recently and I get horney a lot. I’m 24, a college student, and I get morning wood in the mid afternoon.

My husband has been on vitex for a week and his drive is way up, skin producing more oil, and he’s getting acne on his back. To early to notice lean mass gains, but it looks like this stuff is fixing whatever issue he had hormone-wise. Bill - thanks for suggesting this instead of t-replacement, early signs look good. I’ll update you guys later as he keeps on taking it. He’s taking one 400mg pill every morning of the vitamin world brand.

Thanks for the response guys. I know there were a lot more people on this forum taking this stuff. There’s gotta be some more answers.

This is my second day on it. Took one yesterday and 2 split by 8 hours today. 400 mg. each

I swear I can feel my nuts in overdrive. It’s almost like that feeling when you’re watching porn at the friends house, but you can’t J/O. I shot 2 loads so far 1 each day, and they are intense. Loads were a little more volume, but the feeling is way more intense. I’ll report more in a week or two.

I get so much wood I could re-forest South America. My wife has noticed the difference in volume & texture, but unlike others she doesn’t dislike the change, she says it’s just different, not in a bad or good way, just different.
I noticed some have asked about cycle time, but haven’t seen an informed reply… I would like to thank the T-mag staff for letting me know about this stuff, the only thing I need to know now is when is “M” coming out and in the mean time… how long should I be “On” Vitex?

Knocking on wood that it’s a long cycle.

“M” is coming out soon. I have some sitting here in front of me. This is going to blow Vitex-alone away.

Check for info in Behind the Scenes; I don’t have exact release date info.

Vitex has been all good to me. Been taking for about 4 weeks, Nature’s Way brand. Experienced the acne about one week in; thankfully it’s dimineshed. Otherwise, it’s been all good for me. Looking forward to M.

Dale- I don’t know for sure about cycling, but I can tell you that the instructions that came with my M samples never mentioned “off” time. Keep in mind that what I got was pre-release stuff so that may change as more info becomes available.

I’m just finishing my first week of my second “on” cycle. First cycle was 5 weeks on (5 days on, 2 off), then 2 weeks off. I’ll repeat that this time. Did I notice a change in physique? No. Aggression was up, sweating was up, didn’t really see any increase in volume or texture of ejaculate (maybe I’m just not in tune with that). My lifts did go up, but it’s difficult to tell if that was due to a change-up in rep scheme or if it was due to vitex.

I remember the first 4 weeks of taking vitex, I felt a huge surge in horniness. But then it went down and remained at a constant. After taking it for a total of 6 weeks, I gave myself a 3 week break. I just started taking it again, along with MD6, and I am back to being horny.

I have been on it for about 9 weeks now. I don;t plan on coming off anytime soon. Should I? Is there any problem with doing an extened votex cycle?

I felt that cycling off was important, as this is an herbal. Most all herbals that I’ve come in contact with will diminish in effectiveness over time (echinacea, St. John’s wort, valarian, etc.)

Just wanted to bump this up. It’s the start of a new month and I wanted to hear some new info or tips for myself or anyone else wanting to use vitex. Anyone got any 2 cents for my previous questions???

Thanks Chris…

I don’t get it… I looked up vitex, and I see that it’s an herbal supplement which “supports women’s hormone regulation”. Why would guys take this for a body building effect?

BeaR, I am also 21 - I have used androsol twice before, and am currently on androsol and vitex at the moment, and will be finishing on friday - this will be followed up with 3 weeks of Tribex, and continuation of vitex. The androsol definitely works for guys our age(IMO), and with the vitex I am at dangerously hig horn levels, im frightening myself. I have made really good gains so far on par with my juicing buddy who started his cycle at the same time (about 6/7lbs so far) with bf staying the same. Id say go for it, maybe try vitex and tribex first if you’re a little unsure - but other than a bit of acne on my back, chronic horn, increased aggression(am usually really palcid, and am finding im having to ‘control’ myself in some situation ) - and above all strength is up, as are the lean mass gains.

Here’s why folks are interested in Vitex, culled from a few weeks back in BTS:

It’s obvious that Vitex can’t elevate progesterone levels in males. The reason being, males don’t have ovaries.

Vitex agnus-castus is an herb that has gonadotropic properties. In other words, it stimulates the gonads by increasing LH. And if a male uses a gonadotropic agent, like Tribex-500, clomiphene, or Vitex, the testes are stimulated to increase Testosterone, not estrogen or progesterone.

The studies that show that Vitex elevates progesterone are conducted on women. The one study I know about that reviews progestagenic affects on men shows no increase, which is what was expected. To increase progesterone in males, you’d have to somehow coax the adrenal glands to pump more out, which is impossible with Vitex.

In addition to Vitex stimulating natural T levels, it also blocks estrogen at the ER

Thanks for the help DANNYBOY!!!

highwayjack MY FELLOW CANADIAN!!! I just picked up the Natures way stuff too. I noticed it says 745mg on the bottle, on the back it say 40mg of the actual herb. Whats up? The lady from nutrition house said that is how actual herb is in there - wats the other 705mg??? I’ll start taking it in the morning. Since the dosage is so high should I take more than 1 cap./day???

Should you use vitex through your prohormone cycle or after you come off to help with hormone levels?

Bear, are you cutting down? from your nutritional intake it seems that you are. i tried androsol during a fat-fast and that worked real well. What are you goals man, I take it more size? i found i got the best effects from this stack after a moderate cutting phase, as I can eat like a madman (massive eating), and have had the best size gains with GVT(the old version, not 2000 - i found the volume suited me for the short androsol bursts). let me know how it goes