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So, How's Life?


The blade of my box cutter slices the shrink wrap off the pallet of Charmin. "Funny,Ive done for 2 years now and I should be able this in a heartbeat..." I say softly to no one in particular and take my time. I pushed the product into its respective placement while at the same time,grabbing off the plastic and putting it in the cart. "2 years...Boy,Time sure flies by.." I step back for a second and glanced at the aisle. 4 more pallets needs to be put in their place and I looked back toward the main aisle and realized that the water needs to be dealt with too.

Why am I sharing you this useless piece of information dealing with what goes on with Totenkopfs Monday night? Because this is my "moment of realization" I REALIZED that in my 2 years,other than my workouts,nothing has been consistent. Ive never felt a sense of "Well,this is great" or "Life is gonna be smooooth sailing" The girl I wanted to marry is pregnant with another assholes baby,my fear of debt has increased exponentially as I get closer to graduation,and my chosen major has made me wary and uncertain of my future. Life for me has been being paranoid and having that feeling of no matter how many girls im going to fuck or no matter how beers I down,im never going to relax. Oh and if your wondering why im thinking about 2 years ago? Thats when I graduated from highschool. So hows life going for you guys?


So you're healthy and your workouts have been going well. Glad to hear you're making progress.

"Life isn't fair. Get used to it." From the Bill Gates Rules of Life





Shit happens, then you die.


Got divorced, demoted, career's over in 7 months and I have to support three kids (I got custody, YAY!!!), I've been losing weight despite the fact that I'm now putting up the same weight I was before the wreck, and I'm almost 50k in the hole. Oh, and I haven't had sex since February.

Couldn't be happier. Thanks.


Probably taking yourself too seriously. As you reach your early twenties the wrinkles will smooth themselves out.Don't arrest yourself. Everyday can be an adventure, make sure that everyday has it's own identity based on the things you did for yourself and others. Are you happy with WHO YOU are? If not, use everyday as a chance to change yourself into the person that you would like to be. Don't ever stop living, every interaction with another person, every challenge you face is a chance to learn/grow/laugh.

Maybe you now realize that most girls aren't marriage material at this young age. I know you can't plan these things, but I'm not looking for marriage until I'm around 30, 20 is probably too young, remember that your brain isn't done developing till you are about 25 yrs old.

and oh yeah, are you doing your deadlifts?


"Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has." - Billy Graham

Don't worry man. These tough times are just setting you up for the good times.


Feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere. Life gets rough sometimes, deal.

The only person that can make things better is you. Focus on the positives, put yourself in the position to succeed, and work as hard as you can in every facet of life to get what you want.

And remember, when cut down we grow back stronger.


Life is pretty good. I walk around naked sometimes just cuz I can. My wife likes me. My friends are all good stable people whom I can genuinely appreciate. I have to enroll in school again so that maybe some year I will complete an engineering degree of some type, but I like to keep my mind active, so that ain't so bad.

20 sucked compared to now.


Easy for you to say. You already have ONE MILLION INTERNETZ!

T... you're doing good. Don't trip. Just do the next obviously correcct thing to do and keep moving forward. Errythings gonna be aiight. I promise. And keep it cool. When you're given an opportunity to be cool, take it. Can't go wrong.


That needed to be added to the list.

Not to mention that they were given to me by and exceptionally kind, witty, and beautiful woman, but I did.

Yup. Life is good.


Token (you are now Token since I fucking dont know what your name is) growing up is not easy. Right now your responsibilities are only limited to yourself. Wait till you have dependents, kids, maybe wife, maybe parents etc. When you hold a life in your hands is when it really gets stressful, what you are going through right now is preparing you for that. That does not minimize what you are going through cause nobody but you is going through it, just know that life could be worse, Count your blessings not your short comings.


Strongly agree.

You, and only you, can make shit happen in your own life. You make the choices and you reap the rewards or suffer the consequences, depending on those choices.

Most will feel lost coming out of college, it's when the real world and "life" starts. It's gonna be fucking awesome, but you have to work for it.

Me? Well, I could use a few more good friends since I've lost a few along the way, but apart from that life is only getting better.


Totenkopf, bring back the girl spanking another girls ass avatar. it was much preferable.


life is good.


So, you're fit, 20ish, have a job, working on education and dodged a bullet marrying too young to a girl that probably would have cheated. What was the problem?


welcome to life token


You like that name too huh?


yeah...no disrespect intended if thats his real name


Every time he posts this is what pops in my head.


I have no advice, but know you are not alone man, I have been feeling the same way. I have taken comfort though in the attitude of "it is what it is," so I am fine with whatever life throws my way and when the anxiety settles I can just focus on me and do what I want. A lot of times you have to come to terms with the things you cannot change (the paranoia, anxiety about life, the unknowing of your furture) once you are comfortable with these things you can really live and then they slowly hold no importance over you whatsoever.