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so how would i go about getting my ass kicked?

Just read Dave Tate’s new article, made me realize that my lifts and form sucks balls. So yeah, how would one go about getting their asses kicked by power lifters when they’re newbies to the sport?

I just got started in powerlifting. Initially I just posted here that I was looking for a powerlifting gym or trainer. I got a really good response and signed up with my gym a week later.

Now I get my ass kicked four times a week and I love it.

Where do you live?

The key is to find a place that powerlifters work out and get yourself down there.

If you check out any of the powerlifting forums (like elitefts) you’ll be able to find people from your area, at that point just contact them and go meet them. Though you shouldn’t expect them to be just like the guys in the story :wink: I’ve found most powerlifters that I’ve met to be great people.


i live in aurora/naperville illinois (remember waynes world? Oh yeah… aurora) anyway yeah, id just love the help to get some perfect form and teaching. I cant find any good powerlifting gym around here, theres like all these chain gyms and stuff. And theres no good gym equipment stores, like its sports authority and sports mart which sell crap quaility equipment. i guess im stuck with buying a bench off elitefts or ironmind and paying the 100 dollar shipping. cant wait to get that rack from elitefts… Hmmm… anyway yeah, thanks for the suggestion about elitefts man, who knows maybe theres a tcell or something in my area.

herb…i live in indy if you want to come down some weekend and get your ass kicked and learn a thing or two we would love to do it…bm

awesome BM, i take up your offer in a few months, need to get a metal rod in my ankle to correct a flat foot but yeah man, need to get that form into shape, i appreciate the anwsers guys