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So How Am I Doing?


Trying to get some body fat down right now. I want to get around 7-8%. I think I am close to that. I got that stubborn lower belly fat and a$$ fat that just won't seem to go away.


I'd say that you seem to have good size. Your lats and upper arms look good. Your forearms seem lacking. You seriously need to work on your traps and chest. What about wheels?


Yeah, the traps stood out as far behind everything else. Overall, you look very good, though. Lats are quite impressive!


Agreed guys. My traps do sort of....suck. Instead of doing shrugs I always did deadlifts thinking that was enough to work my traps. Obviously I was way wrong on that and now trying to play catch up. I haven't been able to really work my chest in the last 3 months or so. I did a partial tear in my pec when I maxed out then. It's about 90% healed now though.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


Deadlifts can increase your trap size, but I guess it's "different strokes for different folks". Yeah you're right, shrugs maybe more effective for you. Keep on lifting!


Your lats look great. Keep it up, you'll get there eventually.


In the last few weeks I been practicing and incoporated the Power Clean, Hang Clean, and Heavy Power Shrugs.


hit them traps!


You will look huge when you finally lower your bf%


That is what I'm counting on....looking bigger with less bodyfat. It's getting there. Each week I can see that I am closer to my goal. That d@mn'd loose skin from being really heavy years ago is hard pressed to go away though. lol


I dunno where the 5.6 came from. Like everyone else said, you look big everywhere except the traps and possibly the chest.


I admit my traps, shoulders, and legs are lagging behind. My chest though, well everyone tells me that my chest is huge in person. I dunno. Maybe everyone around me is just that un-fit. lol.