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So Here's What I'm Going To Do...


Im going to go on the T-dawg diet,im also going to be taking 1 Carbolin 19 pill in the morning,and I Spike pill before my workout on my workout days. My workout days will be monday,wensday,Friday,and Sunday and Ill be lifting for 1 hour and a half. How does that sound to you guys?


What are your goals?

Dan "..." McVicker


To gain at least 20 pounds of muscle mass,and lose 25 pounds of fat.


Please give more information.

What routine are you using? Have you read the recommended usage of Carbolin 19? One pill in the AM probably won't do anything. Have you worked out for any length of time before using additional supplements? Why is your lifting going to take 90 minutes?


that sounds like a really good start.
about 5 years ago i started out much like you, i started with sets of 5 for about 15-20 reps each set with low weight like 20lb dumbels. and 100lbs on my bench press, and of course i did my leg extentions and curls. i did this for about 3 years until the monotony got to me, and i decided to move on to powerlifting.
i am now able to use 50lb. dumbells and bench press in excess of 275lbs. and i've recently, leg pressed in excess of 800lbs.
it's all calorie manipulation.
good luck and stay motivated.


How about you just worry about eating right and getting stronger? I guarantee you that the numbers will fall into place, and you won't be disappointed because your long-term goals don't come true overnight.

Adopt habits, not programs.


Don't listen to anything this guy says, for a start.



My right ankle repeatedly rolls inward. At this point the scar tissue has built up to the point where the right ankle is noticeably larger than the left. Most of the time there is no problem, however it is always stiffer and weaker.

I am able to bear large loads in calf-raises, and squats without incident. I am also able to cut to the left and/or rotate as in a weight throw without a problem most of the time. I would like to strengthen this ankle so that I will be able not to worry so much and so that it won't turn under so frequently. I would like to avoid ankle-braces as they limit mobility especially for throwing.



This is one instance in which unstable surface training would definitely be of value. Wobble boards, airex pads, dyna-discs and the like have proven very effective in correcting the proprioceptive deficit one sees in functional ankle instability.

Start with simple balancing exercises and progress to more dynamic movements.