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So funny

I found this in CNN:

Shares of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD: down $9.29 to $22.51, Research, Estimates) tumbled 29 percent in active New York Stock Exchange trading after it warned that results will miss its previous estimates by 10 percent for the latest quarter, due to the impact of the low-carb diet craze on doughnut sales.

I read somewhere that there is a stock holder law suit looming. Reason: they should have known that the low carb craze was going to impact the stock price!

I wish these fatties would give up. The best thing for the market right now is to go through a high-carb craze. At least then filet wouldn’t be $18/lb.

T-mag reported a while back that Krispy Kreme was trying to make a low carb doughnut. I don’t think that’s possible!

Low carb donut my eye! Why don’t they just take a piece of sweet beef jerky and put a hole in the middle and call it a low carb treat!

It would be too high in carbs.

Krispy Kreme was on a roll for a while, with major expansions all over the US. Looks like they’ve plateaued?

It was a novelty. When you couldn’t get them everywhere, people wanted them. Now you can get them in every corner grocery store as well as their own stores across the country. People are just sick of them. It’s not the low-carb craze, it’s the “Krispy Kreme isn’t a novelty anymore” craze.
The same thing is happening to In-n-Out burger out here in the west. Used to be a novelty that you “had to have” when traveling in CA. Now they’ve expanded into Nevada and Arizona. It’s losing it’s uniqueness.