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So full of it

When I first started training, my dad told me after 4 months of training, he could pyramid up to 495lbs in the squat for 3-4 reps. A few months ago, he said he could do 7-8 reps. Just today, I was telling him about how Paul Anderson used to warm up with 600 & said go into any gym & how many guys would be squatting 600? So my dad says ‘I would’. So now he’s saying he could do 600. After 4 months of training. btw he keeps saying he was 5’8" & 200 @ 6% & my mom says there’s absolutely NO WAY he was only 200lbs. I also say there’s no way anyone could train up to triple bodyweight in 4 months. Should I just ignore him, tell him to go downstairs & put his money where his mouth is or tell him he talks better than he lifts because he really needs to get his story straight.

Get a new dad.

Just laugh at it. There will always be people who will try to put achievements of others down in order to lift themselfs and this one happens to be your dad. Don’t argue with him since that will only get you upset. But if you wanted to you could ask him if he wanted to workout with you. Say you would need a workout partner and it would be really cool if that was him. What the 4 months are concerned - depending on his training history, his previous best and how long he didn’t workout, it could be done. If he never worked out before it is unlikely, since he would have to learn to squat correctly first.

hmm getting him to “put his money where his mouth is” could back fire on you, as he could be broken in half and then you’d have to feed/change him.

Drax: Have you ever trained with your Dad?
If not, in a “nice” way tell, your Dad that you
would love to workout with him sometime soon!
Something tells me that, although he’s probably
very proud of you, his competitive side “might”
be a little jealous, or even threatened by your
accomplishments! (Just MHO.)

Dude, what the fuck? Let him say what he wants, why are you upset? Don't you think it is time you became your own man and just stopped living in his shadow?? I mean, you are his son, but that's it, you have to stop thinking that you have to surpass your dad to be succesful; this is not like those wolf packs where you have to beat the leader to be the alpha male or something!!!!!!!!

How about wagering a freindly competition with your pops… Lets say after six months of training lets see who can sqaut more you or him. That way you will find out if he is telling the truth or not.

Also it would be a great way to motivate yourself to wager in a freindly competition with dad. Also it might get him back into weight training also…

dude, give some credit to your father! even if he doesnt lift now, atleast he was training back then. not many dads have respect for bodybuilding, luckily yours does. dont put him up to the challenge, he may hurt himself. lots of people have injured themselves permanently because they try to compete with weight greater than their potential - very foolish, so why provoke a dangerous situation? also, you can’t really expect him to push up that weight now when he’s older and non-conditioned; endurance and strength levels plummet drastically as we get older. take it easy on your dad and if he’s a liar, LET HIM DREAM ALITTLE! Better to be happy and healthy rather than crippled with a bruised ego. also, gettin him to train lightly again would be a fabulous idea as these fellaz already pointed out.

props to your father for being a weight trainer. at least he knows what a squat is. laters pk