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So Frustrated, Routine Help

Sup dudes… I am a newbie to this site but have been lifting for a while on what i think (more like I KNOW) is a shitty routine. You see the problem is that i work out with my dad and he is an old timer that is hard headed and likes to stick to his old timer ways. I will give you a rundown about the workout that he likes and thinks is great.

Mondays and Thursdays
Flat BB Bench 4x6
Incline BB Bench 4x6
Flat Dumbell Bench 3x8 or 4x6
Incline Dumbell Bench 3x8 or 4x 6
and then We do Dumbell Shoulder Press then he just loves to go over to the Smith machine and do Overhead press on that. And then He likes to move on to what he thinks will help everything else and we do Skull Crushers, Tricep pushdowns and I have to almost fight him so that we dont do another tricep workout.Then we finish it off with Dips.

Now I know that this routine is very unbaclanced… But when i tell him that our program sucks for me cuz i am trying to bulk up, his reply is “It takes time son!” … this is coming from a guy who thinks he did a great job by adding 17 lbs of muscle… in 5 years, doing a certain routine the whole time with buddies from work. He thinks that doing that many chest exercises from different angles is just the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not to mention our workout usually last an hour and 45 minutes because he likes to rest like he is doing olympic lifts and also walks to the water fountain on the other side of the gym… when he has a bottle at our station.

What do you guys suggest for me… I emailed Chad Waterbury and he suggested ABBH for me. I really like the 10x3 idea, but i dont know how i am going to get my pain in the ass workout partner to cooperate and actually be able to get him to follow any workouts that involve super sets. What i really would like to do is desing a HFT routine and ditch the pops, but I have no idea where to start or what types of exercises i should be putting in superset pair together. My main goal is more mass.

Could someone please give me a good sample HFT routine to follow with the # or sets and reps. That would be so greatly appreciated so i can get away from the out of whack routine that my dad just loves. I know you are wondering by now if i get any leg/lower body work at all and the answer is yes… I workout by myself on Tuesdays and Fridays and my workout is:
Squats supersetted with Pull-Ups
Deadlifts supersetted with Bent Over rows
Barbell Lunges and Low Cable rows
Stifflegged Deads and Lat-Pull Downs
Then I finish off with some dumbell rows.

Some days i do 3x10, some days 4x6, and some days 5x5 for the squats, pull ups, deads and rows. Then I always do lunges 3 sets 10 each leg, and 3 sets of 12-15 on stiff legs.

I am so sorry about the hella long post, but i am just getting so frustrated and am about to lose my mind. Any advice at all is greatly apprecaiated and if you have done a routine and seen great improvements with it… please let me in on the routine so i can get a general idea of how to get bigger.

Thanks for all your time…


Do this:


A. Squat 5x5 (constant weight…look to increase this each week)
B. Bench Press 5x5 (same as squat)
C. Barbell Row 5x5 (same…)
D. Abs, curls for girls, whatever…


A. Squat 5x5 (work up to 80% of Monday’s weight over five sets)
B. Military Press 5x5 (constant weight…increase each week)
C. Pullups 5x5 (same as military presses)
D. whatever…


A. Squat 5x5 (work up to 90% of Monday’s weight over 5 sets)
B. Bench Press 5x5 (work up to 90% of Monday’s weight)
C. Barbell Row 5x5 (same…work to 90%)
D. whatever…

When you hit a wall and can’t increase the weight you’re lifting on Monday, back off and start a new cycle…Start easy so that you don’t max out for at least 5 or 6 weeks. This plan is FOOLPROOF and is probably the best beginner/intermediate weight training plan in the history of the world. It should keep your gains coming for a long long time.

Best of luck.

What about Deadlifts man…

I cant skimp out on those…

umm that looks almost exactly liek bill stars 5x5 routine.

it should be deadlifts instead of pull ups

heres the routine im sure youd make good gains off of it

i’ll check it out…

Lord i have issues

[quote]BeBig828 wrote:
i’ll check it out…

Lord i have issues[/quote]

Dude, you do have issues. How about you read up on an article by Chris Shugart (I think) about the negative people in your life. If your lifting partner is starting to hold you back then maybe its time you found a new one.


[quote]redsox348984 wrote:
umm that looks almost exactly liek bill stars 5x5 routine.

it should be deadlifts instead of pull ups

heres the routine im sure youd make good gains off of it

Bill Starr has dozens of routines based on 5x5 squatting…you can put deadlifts in if you want…it’s a lot for your lower back to recover from, but give it a shot. Some derivations of his 5x5 use power cleans on Monday…if you know how to perform the olympic lifts that’s an option as well.

Anything from Bill Starr is a great bet. I’ve done well with the version I listed. Look into Glenn Pendlay’s work if this kind of training appeals to you.

Thanks to all of you guys.

I am so glad I signed up at this site.
I am so appreciative that you all take time out of your lives to help me… Keep me posted.

Thanks a million J.P