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So F@cking Angry


Well I have finally hit a wall. I am currently hanging out here in Afghanistan and although it is a caustic environment. I have hit the wall "I don't give a _uck" and "why are you even talking to me dude"stage. Most people have hit this stage long ago. But I try to surround my self with positive people and stay positive.. Type A personalities and we normally feed off our drive. But I guess when hanging out months from home is a war torn country, it separates the weaksauce whiners from those that have stood the test of time more than once. Or then again maybe I am heat stroked.
But today I am just trying to hold it together before I grenade on someone. Cause if one more person whines or snaps at me, thats it you just pulled the pin and you have 3-5 seconds to get out of my way.

Okay maybe I am overreacting. But I had to vent somewhere. any where. better to get it out instead of holding it in. Maybe its time to hit the gym.


Maybe it's time to learn how not to create 5 duplicates of the same thread?


Maybe its time that the stupid afghanistan internet didn't time out evertime I tried to post. Hence 5 times. My bad. Even the internet is against me today!

Moderator please delete the others.


Go wreck some weight at the gym boss, that'll clear your head. If not, I think no one would be upset if you started tossing some Hail Mary grenade shots into the landscape.


Are you in the army?


Believe me to blow some real shit up right now would be the ultimate stress release. For that though I will have to wait a couple more days. Huckin some weights will take away the intensity of my anger I am sure. just not the sour taste in my mouth.


No I work at the Starbucks down town Kandahar....LOL. I thought it was obvious. (sorry for the sarcasm) yes Army


I mean don't get me wrong. Hate and anger can be awesome motivators. They build a fire inside that is great to harness. Sometimes necessary when having to face adversity in life. But sometimes, you get a knot in your guts and you just want to wreck stuff to wreck stuff. If I was back home I know exactly what to do with this energy. I would either take my bike to the local hill and let gravity and adrenaline melt it away or get the on the KTM and throw some serious roost.

But sometimes in this place, there is nothing to do. Just sit and stir. Same people, same food, same movies, same training, same ranges, gym, tan laundry, wash, rinse, repeat.




I think your problem is that you're bottling it all up. Membership 2002 and only 13 posts? That must be some kind of world record in forum silence.


I think grenading people is probably your best bet. The Canadian Army could use the publicity. Just take out your aggression on some Afghan school children grenade style.


Well I am officially on the road to overtraining.
Went to the gym. No real agenda. As I fasted two days ago and trained three times yesterday trying to reap the benefits. So I was sore as hell.
Because I had no agenda I did what ever. Here is a log of the most mis-matched workout ever.

Super Set:
Power Clean 5 sets/ 8 reps 135lbs
Ez bar curls 5 sets/ 8 reps 110lbs

Kettlebell Snatch 5sets/ 6 reps 55lb kettlebell
Tricep Ext 5sets/ 8 reps 110lbs

Standing dumbbell Curls 4 sets 10 reps
Standing Tricep ext 4 sets 10 reps

Cable Curls 2 sets 15 reps Pin was at 4 (whatever that is)
rope tri ext 2 sets 15reps Pin was at 4

Kinda arms and hip dominant?

Just one of those days though. Was doing double unders (skipping) as a finisher and my Shure headphones (my only headphones to boot) came off my head, wrapped in the rope and sheared one of the ear buds off.

But at least I am too docile to care now. Thanks for listening and posting for those that did


Happy to hear that you got through it.




Hey op, have some lulz. :slightly_smiling:


Be this baby.


Where in Afghanistan (I would assume Kandahar since you mentioned that shit-hole). I'm currently wasting away at BAF. Still hitting the gym though. And unfortunately I don't get to take my anger out slinging lead, I get to take my anger out on f@cking powerpoint slides. >:frowning: Got to love that $hit.


Not Kandahar either. On a FOB. Can't on here say where.
Death by power point is no fun at all. Feelin for ya!


Flame throwing trumpets..... I will have to see if I can sign one those out. Fuck yeah!


I've hit this wall on every deployment, even on ship with the Navy. The best cure is to find something new to try for a workout or a hobby. I tend to go a little apeshit. I taught myself to juggle in Somalia, I was like a circus clown when I got finished. I made my own bean bags. I'd pull them out in town on patrol and freak out the kids. On ship off the coast of Montenegro I took all of the broken treadmills in the gym apart and got a couple of them working. I also got qualified to run the helm and navigate the ship. In Iraq I started flipping tires and training for a Scottish games. We stole everything we needed rather than request it just to make things more interesting. I never made it to a games though. I know a guy that spent three weeks designing and building shelves and a closet in his HQ building. They didn't have a storage problem, he was just bored. One of my Marines taught himself Mandarin Chinese, totally useless in an arab country, but it kept him occupied. Bottom line, find something constructive to do, or risk it turning destructive.