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so excited

Hey t-kids. About time for my second official cycle. (for those who forgot, first time around, I did tren, added 20 lbs. and jacked my 4 lift total up 115 lbs.)

Now, 12 weeks post-use, I am ready to start something new. I want to stack Sust 250 and d-bol for 10 weeks. Any thoughts as to what sort of things I should expect on this cyle (obviously alot more powerful than taking a class 2 steroid by itself). Any critiques, should I perhaps look into a different combo? Anyone done something similar in the past? Any suggestions for what to do while on. Thanks so much for any help, I am pretty much set on my training princibles and dieting strategy for the upcoming cycle simply because it is tried and tested and damn affective, but I yeild to any and all suggestions by you guys, and will take them seriously. afterall, I take Testosterone Forums and T-mag staff suggestion as the holy grail for real manimals.


My opinion is not to run the d bol for the full run of the cycle. No longer than 8 weeks. Keep in mind that the sust will stay active for several weeks after the last shot so a nice idea might be to try something like running the sust for six weeks and then switch to Test E or cyp last couple of weeks. Optimum would be do the last week all test prop. and then start your recovery. Do the sust on M/W/F or something to that affect to get the full effect of the sust. Very good stuff I tell you.

sounds like a great idea. I was planning on doing the sust 3 times a week so the mwf timing schedule is probably the best bet. I’ll see what I can do about getting ahold of some test and finishing up the cycle as you suggest