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So, Everyone's Picking on America Now?



It's true. We're getting 19 year old recruits now that can't pass a PT test. Fucking ridiculous


It's a crisis alright. I say we send in the Marines and get those kids in shape or else.



It only takes a few thousand of us to overthrow a government, how many fit recruits do you need? Besides, if you can't motivate yourself to get into good enough shape to ship to Parris Island, I don't want you wearing the USMC uniform.


Thats what happened when you cut Recess in Elementary and make gym class optional in Middle School and High School. I remember back in highschool,they had an alternative class for gym that was called "Nutriton" something. Basically kids sit in class and learn the food groups and about protein and carbs and whatever. And the kids that actually were in gym class? Usually they dont even bring their gym clothes,they would sit on the bench and fuck around and the worst they would get is a 1 point off a participation grade.


Make all the other countries kids fatter. National security problem solved. Where's my medal?


In the vending machine, next to the Milky Ways.

Now I want a Milky Way. Shit.


We just had a discussion about this in one of my Kinesiology classes last week.
Apparently there's a petition to lower the fat content of middle school and high school lunches... as if that's all of sudden going to get a kid able run a mile and do pushups.
What we should be petitioning for is to get phys ed back in schools!
Edit: just realized that article talked about the petition.


True why not just add mandatory p.e. in schools
And if boot camp is hard enough those kids will come out in shape.


yeah...sorry. You guys just make it so darn easy


They took PE out of schools? Wow I didn't realize that. That is unbelievable.

I mean, you hear all this and that about the problems with obesity, HFCS and blaming McDonald's and all the while this little tiny fact has been ignored????

I am really shocked and the stupidity and the obviousness of the problem.


Well, it certainly makes the fat kids come out less fat...but for those of us already in good shape with a decent amount of muscle, you lose a bunch of weight, half muscle, and half fat, more or less...sucks.

The point is, it's ridiculous people are going into boot camp in that kind of condition.


Well, it's not mandated by federal law. See http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/08/20/PE.NCLB/index.html for some information on this matter. It's up to the state to decide, basically, and some states (a 3rd, according to the article) don't require it. Anyway, it's a good article.

I'm not so sure this is as big a problem as it is just shitty diet. All of his here should know the insane impact a shitty diet can have on one's body. Somewhere, I recall reading: "You can't outtrain a shitty diet." And I think this is very true.

You're a computer person, right? You've probably optimized some system, somewhere (either at a higher network level, or a lower level writing code)? If so, then you know one is better off spending their time optimizing the slow parts of a system (obviously, lol!), as you only have a finite amount of resources and you may as well get the most "bang for your buck."

In this case, I think the diet is the right part to "optimize" first. Not to say PE should be ignored, but ...


lol. Well now I do too! Fuckin a!

We should replace the junk food in vending machines with HOT-ROX and FINiBARs. The HOT-ROX will be cleverly disguised as skittles.


Don't you worry. We'll keep notice of who's talking shit about America. And one day, you'll wake up to see the American flag on your front yard and a Starbucks up the street. And a rifle pressed to the back of your skull.


That was really funny and kind of poetic.


It's quite a bit more serious than that. Without PE/Recess as growing children, these people will be plagued with lower bone density, lower lean muscle mass, even after picking exercise back up as adults.


I agree with your point.
The only problem I have with that reasoning is that it's not being fat that's preventing these kids from passing the basic requirements such as running and pushups, it's their complete lack of physical activity. And then of course the fat follows. It would be entirely possible to have a nation of lean kids who are STILL so out of shape they can't manage to run a mile or do 5 pushups.
The diet aspect may be the easier target, but it's not the logical one (to me).