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So...do i need a new name?

They finally got it right! grin the world now knows i am a force to be reckoned with! http://www.weatherpoint.com/hc/storm/0,1933,sunsentinel-61,00.html

Disclaimer: The following message does not reflect the normal psychological or physiological state of the person making the post. Due to liberal application of Androsol combined with vitex and a heaping helping of MD6, the person in question may be prone to making offensive, if not downright vulgar statements.

Hey, Michelle, you can blow the hell out of me anytime!!!

Disclaimer #2: It is advised that all known females in Texas and the surrounding states steer clear of said individual for the next ten days or run the risk of chaffing and/or carpet burns.

Hmmm, Michelle is “slowly moving north.” I guarantee you that the closer she gets, the faster north we move :slight_smile:


Way to disappoint a guy!!! I should have know from Shurbert’s post. I was all ready for this hot fitness baby. Drat!!! On second thought I’m stupid, I mean it says weatherpoint.com!!! Note to self “Stop thinking with wanger”. :slight_smile:


P.S: Just so you know my wanger is pretty smart.

“Shurbert’s” ??

Oh,good one Chris.lol!

Kindof fitting in that you are a windbag and all. Haaa haa.a