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So, Do I Have to Do Squats?


I work out at home so I don't have a spotter.

How bout dumbell lunges?

Also, I run alot so my legs do get a daily workout.

Alternatives please.


Do you have a squat rack? If so, just set the safety pins a notch or two below the bottom of your squat. I tried a PR on front squats the other day and sunk like a fucking stone with it. The safety pins stopped the bar for me. If you don't have a squat rack, how the hell do you plan on doing them anyways? I would do single-leg squats and jumping squats with a light load on your back if you have no other alternatives.


Ok, who the hell uses a spotter when they squat?

I can understand, your going for a 1rep max and you want a spotter.

But really... 5reps+ you don't need a god damn spotter, you need to grow a pair and lift that weight til you collapse!

And omg... did you just compare running to squats? Someone should slap you!


Front Squats, they work for me pretty well since I don't have a power rack or a spotter either (work out at home too). If you get to failure on front squats, you can always just push it off. I'd recommend putting something to pad the fall though, unless you have bumper plates


Uh.....dumbbell squats? Thats still a squat my friend.


Agree. Running does not = working out legs. That's like saying I jerk off so I don't need to do arm work.




LOL! I think I'll do squats.

I kind of expected those responses.




yeah bro, do us a favor, and SHUT UP AND SQUAT


Hack Squats also


I'm surprised that is even a question.

Front squat ATG as well.


Yep, somedays I work HFT for arms, if you know what I mean.


If push comes to shove just let that shit fall off your back behind you.

It's not the most elegant thing to do and if you don't have mats and/or bumper plates you might break your equipment if that happens too often. However, since you're not in a commercial gym, ain't nobody gonna yell at you, so fuck it!


Besides, squatting is FUN!!!! Of course I am a rank beginner, but I do enjoy them. I might change my mind when I get strong enough so the weight actually hurts! I have the advantage that my live-in trainer has 25 years of powerlifting experience, and we have all the gym equipment a body could want, including a rack, in our home gym.

And, speaking as a woman who likes a nice piece of manflesh, squats will make your butt irresistible to those of the fairer sex. :wink:


Collapsing with a barbell on your back isn't the best advice.


Do you have to do squats?

Depends. What are you trying to accomplish?


I work out at a gym and haven't used a spotter in years. And have never considered that a reason not to squat.


But you use a power cage/squat rack, right? It sounds like the OP doesn't have one (although he can buy a decent one used for $200-500).


Running isn't stressful on your legs. It's more of a challenge to your aerobic energy systems. If you want your legs to go, you need to squat.