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So Damn Fustrated

During school, this kid in weights class just starts repping the bar 120+ times while the teacher is explaining how very low weight and super high reps is the key to losing fat. As soon as I tried to explain that when trying to lose fat, you should use heavier weights to prevent muscle loss and use diet and cardio to get cut, my teacher procceded to make a dumbass of me. Saying things like “what do you know about being cut?, you’re not cut at all!” This made me even more pissed, due to the fact that I have gained almost 40lbs of weight since last year. The whole class time everyone kept going on about how stupid I was. Anyway, sorry for the rant, but I just needed to vent some fustration.


Josh, unfortunately most people are very close minded when it comes to new ideas. At the end of the day, the best revenge is living well. Put aside what others think, and focus on your goals and progress.

Use this as motivation to build an amazing body, then you can laugh at the teacher.

Funny, yesterday my roommate was preparing for a “workout”. His goal is to drop fat for spring break. So he takes your average plastic bag you’d load your groceries in, cuts a hole in the bottom, and puts in on like a shirt. Then he puts on a t-shirt, and then a sweatshirt. Ya gotta sweat the fat out!

When I was in school, we had a gym teacher than would strangle people. No shit, he did it all the time.

If you said that to him, he’d probably put you in a cobra-clutch or something, just for questioning his gym-teacherness.

I agree. Get cut for the end of the school year.

[quote]violentvegan wrote:
So, get cut by the end of the school year. [/quote]

Yeah, its going to be difficult with my back injury, but I am now more motivated than ever.

Yeah, unfortunately you’ll never get anywhere by “one upping” your teacher with your superior grasp of physique and fitness. This is one of those cases where you just have to smile and nod, and then do your own thing and get your own results.

It’s hard to be patient, but if you play it smart years from now you’ll be happy and successful and he’ll still be doing exactly what he’s doing now, only with a slightly bigger beer gut.

I agree simply use this as inspiration to NOT be so ignorant and close minded. Just stay quiet, do your thing, what you feel and know is right, and let your resuklts speak for you.

Let the people come to you for help/guidance after seeing the AWESOME physique you have built while just simply staying quiet and walking your own path.

By them coming to you your words wont be as likely to simply be a waste of breath on someone not open to help, or guidance form someone who knows what they are doing.

I wouldnt say you really have to change your goals now and cut up to prove yourself. If that was a goal allready in place than sure use this as inspiration for it. If your goal is more mass use it for that and cut down later,

Just feel good that you have taken the time to educate yourself far better than a so called authority figure that is supposed to know his/her stuff.

Keep up the great work,

If you ride the exercise bike for 30 min at 50 rpm that works out to 1,500 reps. It is similar to using a leg press machine at LOW weight for 1,500 reps. This would be partial reps not full range of motion reps.

Just a thought “move the very high reps to the cardio area”.

In just about every field their are only a few teachers that are really up to date. In general, textbooks are about 10 years behind and some are even farther behind.

Keep an open mind and never stop reading the latest articles.