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So Customs Took My Order


So should I check the bos that says the Government can destroy my stuff or do nothing?

Also it says and future attempts to import controlled substances will result in legal action. Does that mean I'm shit up a creek without a paddle as far as ordering from outside the country or is it bull?

Man this sucks :confused: Haha I feel like being one of those dumbass guys and asking for a source in the US, but I wont. Stupid laws...


Do nothing. Checking that box is an admission of guilt because you are telling them they can destroy YOUR stuff. Pretend it isn't yours. It was sent to you by mistake. Just cut your losses on this one. Next time you import, send it to a buddy's address.


Damn those guys, they are getting good.


Oh and just for the education of the rest of T-Nation, what shipping service was used?


Regular mail I do believe


Getting that kind of letter would scare me..
I agree just destroy and act like it was never sent to you..
Sorry the gear got sezied, that does suck...

Go Domestic....



Haha I would if I could Kush!


btw I'm not too worried b/c it says they aren't taking any action against me.


Well, technically, you have done nothing wrong that they can prove. Some foreign guy sent you some goods, he could have gotten your information anywhere, he could be trying to incriminate you for reasons beyond their understanding. Unless you admit you tried to import it (ie by saying they can destroy your goods) you are not guilty of anything, not possession, not anything. Ignore that letter, don't send it back, and if they contact you about them not getting that letter back, just say it was not your package so you thought you shouldn't do anything.


haha yea I have no plans on getting in touch with them.


Most sources will reimburse your order if it is seized.


Yea I'm taken care of so its all good. Its just a pain in the ass thats all.


Haha hey Tone i wish someone would take your advice and throw me a bone here!! Haha I would love to tell you but I don't want to say anything about my source. Its not through a website and I don't want to do anything to give a great source a black eye ya know? It was through no fault of their own, just Chicago customs is getting tricky!!

So for those of you that have to go through Chicago customs I would advice against it, there really is no way they should have been able to tell that it was gear.


how was it packaged? or is that not known to u? i can help you out if you know your source personaly and only personaly.


I'm not really sure what you mean by this. I'm curioius.

I'm also interested in how it was packaged so they shouldn't have known what it was. The FDA can also hold substances that are unlabeled or are labeled without dosage instructions. I had IGF seized because it didn't have instructions (among other reasons). It should say in your letter why they seized the items.


I am intersted as well in how it was packed...
My first time and only time to oder Overseas was stressful...

I did get the order I made, but I opened it up, and boom there it was... Not discret at all... Very disturbing..

But hey I guess I should not be that mad I did get my order... But would never ever order from Overseas again..

The Clen was even in the Original packaging..

Well we learn from time, and thats why I LOVE T-Nation...

The people on here are great... Well most of them...LOL

Take Care



I do know my source but its ok I'm not risking anything either for me or my source.

It was packaged and labeled as something else that was non-toxic ect. so I have no idea why they wouldnt have thought it was vials of what it was labeled as. My letter didn't say other than don't buy anabolic steroids from outside of the us.

The funny thing is they made it sound like I should buy them in the US instead lol. It was just a dumb form letter.


5 % of ordrs get nabbed by customs if the supplier you are using dosen't know how to pack. A hard unconvinient truth.
Do nothing and order your next stash to a different address using a different name and you'll be ok.


Like I said before the supplier knew how to pack it, no clue how the hell they would have thought it was steroids! Lol luckily for me I move every 6months as part of my work so in Feb I'll have a new address on the other side of the US!


Labeled as a "non-toxic etc." injectable in a vial? If I were customs I would be suspicious about anything in a vial, regardless of label. Besides, most every injectable that can be bought without a prescription is water-based and it typically a vitamin or mineral. But I don't know all the details and I'll leave that to you and your source.

I do know that there is a new law in the US last year that made buying prescription drugs from overseas companies illegal.

It was because the US companies were losing too many profits, though I think they threw something else in there like safety or whatever so they wouldn't look so greedy. Even if you have a prescription you either can't order prescription drugs at all or for more than a 30 day period, I don't remember exactly.