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So Confused with How to Use HCG

So I’ve just received my HCG 5000iu/ml. It’s Pregynyl brand.

I had no idea it came in amps. One with the powder and one with 1ml of bac water.

I’ve been reading and it appears that I need to mix the amps, transfer the content to a sterile vial and the refrigerate. Lots of people advise to keep in separate syringes straight away but I can’t keep 10 in the fridge with kids around so defo want to move to a vial and refrigerate.

Sorry if these are dumb questions but you guys always come through with the goods:

  1. So I guess I need to buy new vials? Are old ones that had test e in previously out of the question?

  2. Will 1ml of bac water be enough to split into 10 doses of 250iu? It looks a tiny amount.

  3. Will my 1ml insulin syringes be ok to inject with or do I need smaller ones?

  4. Is it possible to buy it in vials instead of Amos? This is a pain in the ass?

  5. Does it always need refrigeration and any ideas for what to store the vial in the fridge in so the kids won’t see it?

It’s set up to take the entire 5000IU in one injection, which would be one mL in volume. You only want 250IU, 0.05mL, in volume.

You could buy sterile water and mix it with 5mL. You will need to mix the 1ml with the 5000IU, then transfer it to a larger, empty, sterile, vial. Then, add 4 mL of bac water so you will have 5000IU per 5mL.

Now, you can easily inject 0.25mL (250IU) per dose. Your insulin needles will be fine. It does need to be refrigerated after mixing. I’d put it on the door, top shelve, behind something they don’t like to eat.

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Great advice. Much appreciated.

One other suggestion I’ve read (which cuts out the need to buy sterile water and vials) is to mix the HCG, put the entire 1ml solution into an insulin syringe and then put it in the refrigerator with a capped needle in. Then just take it out each use, use a new needle each time and use 0.05ml. 20 doses of 250iu.

What do you think? Would it be hard to inject that small amount?

Anyone with thoughts on the above suggestion? Lots of advice about preloading 10 separate syringes and refrigerating those but surely a single capped syringe, even if re-used with brand new needles each time, is still unlikely to get bacteria in it?

I think it would be difficult to inject only 0.05mL from a fully loaded 1mL syringe. You could, I just don’t like to take chances when it comes to sterile technique and dosing.

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Preloading 10 insulin syringes isn’t a huge issue, no. It’s not optimal, but it should be perfectly fine.

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Cheers guys.

I’ll have a go with the individual syringe and if it turns out to be hard to inject the correct dose correctly I might have to stump up and buy some vials and bac water. Good quality vials aren’t cheap here in the UK though…

I’d just use the smallest insulin syringes you can find. Should be fine to measure out 5 units or however much you need IMO.