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So Confused. Any Ideas?


God day everyone. So things have been going well. Over the last near 11 week I have dropped from 263 to 235.5, all the while doing DC training and steady state fasted incline walking 5 days/week. My calories are 1800 on non lifting days and 2000 on lifting this is what they have been since I started; and my BMR works out to about 3000 cal./day (although not sure how accurate it is).

Anyway I weigh myself today and I am 239. Not impressed. So now keep thinking, should I change routines, add in hiit, drop cals., blah, blah, bah. Just wondering what others think; stay the course or change things up? I am not going to weigh myself anymore. The scale is a demon and messes with my head.

Thanks all.


Do not drop calories.
Your calories are already too low IMO.
You've been on 1,800 cals since 263? That's crazy.
Why are you wanting to change things up?
Has your weight loss stalled?


agree-crazy calorie intake.

how long are you lifting weights for per session?what intensity? do you believe that weights will actually cause a set back to your weight loss? if not-great,but I cant see you being particularly effective in the gym at that level of calories so am questioning your mindset.

doing well so far-might be a good time to reinvestigate strategies to ensure your progress.

keep it up.


1st and foremost, great job. Congrats on the weight loss. It's impressive.

Okay, now why are you thinking of changing things up? Was this just one "up" day? Or, have your gains consistently stalled?

Others are commenting on how low your calories are. And I agree with them. That number seems extremely low for a guy your size. That said, you are doing it and it's working for you. So maybe for you that number is right. Are you new to weightlifting? After 11 weeks, if you have a 2 week stall, yeah, it might be time to change something up. Maybe increase the incline on your walks or add a HIIT session (if you are light enough that it won't kill your knees...how tall are you?)

One final note: Do you have a specific diet plan you are using with the macros figured out? If you do, posting that would probably help people to give better advice. Also, a LOT of newer people come on the forums and make a mistake here or there figuring out cals/macros. Actually, I'm kinda wondering if you aren't one of those people and are really eating an additional 3-400cals somewhere (note:with your weightloss, I think that would be a good thing). Good luck.


All that plus are you measuring your food? This intake makes me believe that you are not measuring or are doing a poor job at tracking all food and measuring accurately

But congrats on progress so far


Hi all. Thank you so much for the replies. Sorry for my tardy response. Away with the family for the week and VERY limited internet connection.

So I figured out my BMR using the sticky found in this forum on calculating macros and caloric needs. It is saying my BMR is 3139 calories (I have been eating 1800 on non training and 2000 on training). Minus the 20% prescribed in the same sticky and that leaves me 2511 calories. So for a 1 pound loss/week I am looking at roughly 2000 calories.

To give some info. about me as possible so as to better understand where I am coming from:

Physical: 40, 236 (ish) pounds, not sure of bf % but lots to lose.

History: Been lifting on and off since 14 years old. Powerlifting (terrible at squatting though lol) and strongman primarily, competing in both for a good few years.

Goal: (primary)-to lose weight. When this started it was all about losing it and than get back into hypertrophy once it is off. (Secondary)-try to maintain lbm and strength. If I do great, if not, oh well.

Now this weight gain was basically a one off so I am not overly worried about it. Just wondering a couple of things:

-would it be smarter to go back to the original plan of losing as much weight as possible and forget hypertrophy until the weight is off?

-should I simply maintain the 2000 calories throughout the week, or increase/decrease based upon specific daily activity levels?

-if training is still suggested, would hypertrophy work be best, work on strength, etc...?

To answer a couple of questions, I have been measuring everything so I am confidant on this and eating consists of about 40% protein, 30 carbs., 30 fat.

I am sooo sorry for the length of my post. Thank you so very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated.


Can you write out a daily food log if possible? Also how many days of dc training and how long is the cardio and how hard is it?


It would have been a good idea to make a thread to ask for advice at the start of your cut, but congratulations on the weight lost so far! However, I agree with Smashingweights that your calorie intake is way too low. 1,800 calories is the number you should have been finishing up your cut on, the number you would have dropped to in order to lose the last few pounds.

When you start out losing weight, you want to use as few fat burning "resources" as possible. What this means is lowering macros as little as possible to elicit fat loss, and little to no added cardio. As your body adjusts, and it always will, you can decrease carbs again, add a cardio session, increase length of cardio, etc.

But it's best to add as few variables as possible until you absolutely have to, that way you have more tricks up your sleeve and things to do when your weight loss stalled.

At this point, I think reverse dieting for several months would be the best course of action for you. You need to build your metabolism back up, get hormones all functioning fully again, and give yourself a break. Add 20 g carbs to your daily numbers each week, add 5 g fat every other week, and start to back off on the cardio. You will likely be able to gain a little lean muscle while staying as lean as you are now.

Once you are able to maintain your weight while eating, ideally, close to 3,000 cals per day, you could resume weight loss using some of the strategies I mentioned above


Did your waist measurement go up, have you seen visual changes.

If fatloss is you number one goal I'd switch it up and get on a higher volume/frequency program maybe a GVT template


Concur w/ RampantBadger... body tape measurements are a must mate! The scale will lie to you; BF% tests are not consistent and/or are typically unreliable; mirrors distort under different lighting... but a body measuring tape is cheap and in almost all cases reliable.


Thanks very much. Yeah the tape is now my new best friend. I have put my scale away. My measurements didn't go up, I was just being paranoid. The scale plays with my mind big time and so I say goodbye to it. I remember trying trying GVT before. I found after a few weeks I burned out big time, however I did quite enjoy it (when I wasn't burnt out).

Thanks again.


GVT is dumb shit.


What happened to dropping the negative attitude?

GVT is less volume than Mountain dog training or some of the stuff Thib recommends, if you throw in stuff like MAG-10 and appreciate the bigger demand on recovery its not that big a deal.

OP, consider trying this for a few weeks...



Thanks to all who have given me some great advice. Unfortunately I suffered a concussion yesterday and won't be doing any gym work for a while I don't think. Not sure what to do now but will have to modify eating and exercising to meet my abilities as of now. Figuring I will stick with my steady state and add in some complexes when I feel I can. Not sure about diet but will play around a little bit with it. As of now I don't even want to think about complexes as I am dizzy as all heck and the mere thought of strenuous work makes me want to puke.

Anyway thanks again to all.