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So Confused and Frustrated. Advice?

Hello, so I’m 47, 6 foot 4 and weigh 195, athletic. Had my T tested as part of a regular checkup by my PCP in mid 2012. Results came back with a T of 349 (low normal). Discussed with my doctors and he said I could try TRT, and would prescribe some Testim (1 tube a day). I wasn’t sure I wanted to open this can of worms, because for the most part I had good libido, erections, energy, etc. But, thought I might be able to up it a bit and feel better, etc, since I am getting older.

Stared the testim in december 2012, after a month, my T dropped to 259, doctor upped me to 2 tubes a day, and a month or so later, retested. T came up to 305. Doctor thought I wasn’t absorbing the Testim and switched me to Fortesta. Started that with 5 pumps a day. Had labs last week after a month on Fortesta, and T dropped to 150! My PCP recommended I see a endo to see about Tcyp shots. I’m just frustrated, angy, maybe I shouldn’t of even started TRT. But, in any event, I’m here, so I need to figure out a path forward.

Do I stop all together, take the initial hit, and hope that my natural levels come back to low normal again? Will they come back naturally? Or follow up with the endo and hope that going to shots, and following the great advice here will create some positive results? I was very diligent in the application of all the gels, never missed, same time each day, etc. I truly appreciate any comments, suggestions, advice, shared similar stories, etc. Thank you all very much. BigArnie

There is no reason to go to an endo for shots, your CPC is simply not skilled at all.

Please read the stickies:

  • advice for new guys, we need lots more info about you.
  • thyroid basics

Inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of hypothyroidism. So you need to look into that. Please start by reporting your iodine intake an body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

There is a lot of reading and unfamiliar things. So get started, you will have to read things more than once.

And about that doctor, we have a sticky for that.
Where are you located?

At your age, you are probably basic age related hormone decline. You are a candidate for TRT. You can start with the basic protocol for injections, see the stickies.

Any more lab data:
LH/FSH <-- should always be done before starting TRT to figure out what the problem is.