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So Confused about 531 Forever

Books just come through. I’m currently 3 weeks into 531 beginners and I’ve been using the fitness wiki to follow this as it’s completely different to what it says in wendlers second edition 531 book.

Anyway, I cannot find this program anywhere in the book. I’m doing the 3 day a week with FSL version of the beginner routine. So where in the book can I find this?

And also what’s all this stuff about leaders and anchors?

Why do you need to/expect to find that routine in the book? There’s a link in that wiki to Jim’s site that explains the program. There’s a Beginner Prep School routine in the book that’s pretty close to this beginner routine.

“The 5/3/1 Philosophy for Beginners” on jimwendler .com.

As far as leaders and anchors goes, did you read the relevant section describing them? Could you maybe re-read them then reformulate your question in to something more specific?

Leaders are higher volume with less assistance work. Focus is on accumulating volume.

Anchors are lower volume, higher intensity, and more assistance work. Focus is on setting PR’s.
If your having trouble getting it, just keep re-reading the section in Forever that outlines it.

Not everything that you can find on the internet will be in Forever.

That is because the second edition is the original iteration of the program. I personally think the OG 5/3/1 is a lot easier and simpler to follow than the beginner templates.

x2 …Triumvirate is still the best introduction for like 80% of trainees
OP/Pablo …you dont need to worry about leaders +anchors for quite some time

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Yeah - this gets 3 “thumbs up”. Once you understand the Triumvirate you get the core of 531. And the rest kind of falls into place.

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It’s not in the book. It doesn’t need to be, since it’s already online

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