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So Close


In the last year I've lost appr 30 pounds and am just shy (15 lbs) of my weight goal and am about 2% shy of my BF goal. All was going well until one of my coworkers thought he was Bruce Lee and tried to break a board with his hand. My schedule has gone into a completely opposite schedule- read I went from working evenings and days to working straight graveyards.

I really wasn't all that worried about it until I was reading about the timing of nutrition in the articles section. So here's what I've been doing, looking to get an okay or advise on changes, since it is a 24 hour schedule I'll start at midnight and go from there-

Old successful schedule-
0800- coffee- protein shake- gym
1100- tuna salad lunch, yogurt water water water
1300- vegie snack and some green tea
1600- work starts
1800- high protein low carb dinner
2400- bed

rinse and repeat

Now the throw my success out the window 6 weeks in hell schedule-
0600- getting off work grab a nap
0800- protein shake- gym
0930- bed for hopefully 6 solid hours sleep
1530-1730 coffeee, water water water, I've noticed I'm really thirsty since starting this schedule
1800- dinner high protein low carb
2200- off to work I go another coffee in hand
0100- cottage cheese or yogurt snack- green tea
0400- lunch? usually tuna and carrots or fruit

So is changing around when I eat what going to have me stop slowly but surely losing the weight? I've already noticed my workouts are sluggish and I'm hoping a Spike! in the middle of the night will help that. Not working graveyards is not an option and I'm stuck for 6 weeks at least. I'm so damn close to my fitness goals I don't really want or mentally need a slide backward right now.

Any help appreciated.


911 Girl,
Great work so far keep it up.

As if your change is going to cause your progress to slow. No telling for sure but if your w/o's areallready suffering I would lean toward yes.

I would suggest since you say you will be doing this new sched. for at least 6 weeks it may be worth a total flop. Simlpy employ the sched. and eating pattern that has worked well for you so far but adjusted to your current set up.

I think it would be something like this.

Old successful schedule-
0800- coffee- protein shake- gym
1100- tuna salad lunch, yogurt water water water
1300- vegie snack and some green tea
1600- work starts
1800- high protein low carb dinner
2400- bed

rinse and repeat

New revised successful schedule-
1400- coffee- protein shake- gym
1700- tuna salad lunch, yogurt water water water
1900- vegie snack and some green tea
2200- work starts
2400- high protein low carb dinner
0600- bed

rinse and repeat

Seems like this would be the nmost painless and most reliable to me. W/o's may suffer for a few days while adjusting but after a week or so I imagine you will adjust and be well on your way again.

Not sure if this type of thing is doable for your sched. but hope it helps, and best of luck completeing your goals.

Oh and welcome to the Vampire shift. LOL I'm a fellow Graveyarder though I enjoy it. Natural for me I suppose, I just seem to get more done.


Yeah I thought the flip flop as an option. Not real thrilled about sitting down for the family dinner with coffee and protein shake, but could manage. Having family to deal with makes changing the work out time a little tough, I was hoping the nap would help, it didn't.

I'll see what the concensus is and go from there. Right now when I wake up I'm starving and want a big meal.


That is the type of thing that would make my suggestion possibly not doable. Gotta balance LIFE w training/physique goals. I mean if you really want/enjoy dinner with the family and such I say that is much more important.

You have to/need to enjoy this or its not orth all the work, and you'll burn out.

Maybe consider taking a break from cutting fat for now. Just this six week or so period, and move toward more of a maintenance type of phase.

This could actually help you in the long run. Depending on how long you have been hypocaloric it will restore a suppressed metabolism and give you a chn=ance to construct some LBM and be a nice mental break. Just eat healthy, make wise choice but relax a little. Your schedule is causing enough stress, maybe stressing your self more by being hypocaloric is just overdoing it a bit. Then when you go back to your regular schedule your metabolism will have been reset somewhat and you will make some awesome gains again when you make tighten thing up again.

Good luck, hope you figure something out that work for you,


Lot's of good ideas from Phill!


I agree with phill, this might actually be a good thing for you in disguise. The body and mind are great at adapting, so when you get a curveball, your body will be forced to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. Keep your diet clean, your calories the same and maybe pick a new workout plan by one of the coaches. Make sure you are taking recovery supps like Surge and maybe some Power Drive or something to be sure you are fresh for your next workout. As long as you keep putting in the effort you will continue to see improvements.

Also since no one esle said it yet... to be 100% sure of what advice we can give you, we need pictures, preferably in a bikini so we can see if you have any lagging areas. Many angles and make sure the lighting is good. :wink:


A bikini? We've been watching' your posts lately. Don't be shy, if you want to see a thong just ask!(big grin)


LOL Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe once I get to where I'm going, until this work in progress is complete it will remain buried under the winter wool sweaters.