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Is there one already? Reading through old threads it looks like it has come up a few times but not really gotten off the ground. Anyway, I am happy to organize a get together if anyone else is up for it. I think it'd be great to get together and chill with some like minded individuals who share the common goal of improving ourselves. Anyone?

And hey, don't forget, there is the possibility of free t-shirts...


Fuck yeah I'm in....



I'm in. Brad and I have been trying to find some other people in the SoCal area.

Maybe we can get TC and Davies together for it, if they're in the La Jolla area.


Renegade, that would be awesome. Mike Mahler is in Santa Monica too, I think, and Greekdawg is around here so maybe they will chime in, that would make five...


Bohdi is in the are as well...

Man, I'd love to set something up someday...



Sure let me know. I might be in Colorado. Doing some wakeboarding in a bunch of lakes in that area. Colo. Neb. an Ks... Let me know an I'll check the dates.. The YardHouse just off of the 55 is pretty sweeeeeat... Then again it's just down the block or so.