So Cal Guerilla Gym/T-Cell

Hey T-Men and T-Vixens was wondering if anyone living in or near the Long Beach/Seal Beach area might want to get together to form a garage gym/T-cell?

I’m sick of not being able to find any good gyms around and of all the intiation fees and what not and figure with the money I’d spend for six months or so at a gym why not go guerilla and by my own weights?

I’m interested in strenght/powerlifting training by no matter how you like to train if your near and interested then let me hear from you! Later, Snippdawg.

Bump. Somebody’s gotta be sick of their gym!

Wish I was closer Dawg. I’m in San Diego. Let me know how the quest goes.

im too far away to start a gym with you. but if we can get a bunch of bros together for a so-cal t-cell get together ill definitely take the trip down south. by the way im in the stockton area.

Im in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa, but might move closer in the coming months, - definately interested.

Cool DD90 let me know. I have found some awesome prices on equipment at Yeah P-Dog a So Cal T-Cell by itself would also be a great idea…

Hey Snipp, I am here in HB and would be down for the garage gym/T-Cell. Im sure as hell sick of my gym.

Cool ACE, there is a guy here at my complex that wants to start lifting again too so that would make three. I found an open face power rack for 150.00 and I figure that, two olympic bars, weights, some db’s and a chinning bar would be all we need to start.

There is a small garage here at my complex that I may be able to use…

Let me know how that sounds…

Did this go anywhere? I’m in Long Beach, right next to veteran’s stadium and the LB airport on the Clark side.