So Am I Totally In the Wrong Here?

I was wondering your guys opinion on this. This morning was ME lower and I was doing regular old box squats. The gym is at my school and was moderately busy at this time, I’d say 20 guys lifting downstairs (cardio upstairs). I hit my current PR (385) then hit a 10lb PR. I was feeling good so I went for 405 since it was my goal for 07. I got halfway up off the box, exhaled too much to fast, chest caved and I missed the lift.

At the same time the weight hit the rack I let out a decently loud F-bomb out of pure frustration and sat winded and dizzy on the box. Not 1 second later does this guy who works at the gym yell down from the top of the staircase (which is located next to squat rack). He says something like “Hey! I don’t want to hear that in hear ever again, is completely inappropriate, don’t do it again!”

Now, I don’t really remember exactly what he said cause I was so wrecked from the squat, but my lifting partner just looked up at him with a wtf look on his face. Once I caught my breath I kinda realized everything and was really pissed. Even the guy next to me thought this was pretty ridiculously, and everyone who was lifting in the area had that wtf expression on their faces.

I know shouting out a nice 4 letter word is the classiest thing to do but it was almost involuntary due to the circumstances. To me, this guy yelling down at my is totally disrespectful and unnecessary. I have no problem with him not wanting me to swear loudly, I’m willing to admit that its tasteless, but at the very least he could have approached me after I got up from the box and regained some consciousness. I didn’t say anything to him and he left a short time afterward but I really wish I did.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being overly sensitive(read: bitch) about it, but it bugged the shit out of me for the rest of the workout. How would you guys have reacted?

at this point your being overly sensative. You should’ve said something then, if not let it go. I doubt the guy was thinking about your situation and just didnt’ want to get a gym full of everybody swearing. Then again what is this a middle school gym?

You are just embarrassed because you were scolded in front of an audience. Just get over it and don’t cuss anymore. In your own gym you can, but not if it’s someone else’s and those are their rules.


Yea, I am definitely being a baby. Oh well, motivation to hit it the next time…

[quote]AshyLarry wrote:
Yea, I am definitely being a baby. Oh well, motivation to hit it the next time… [/quote]

That’s the spirit. Keep on keeping on.


Solution: Get bigger and stronger so he thinks twice about saying shit.