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So About My Chest...


Haven't started my cut yet. Natty pic at 19.

Anyways. I'm entering two comps soon. As you can see I have a gap between my pecs. Will this be good or bad? Sorry about the low cut there


Nothing wrong with pants friend.


But pants suck with 29' legs :frowning:


You could definitely use more chest development.


Not chest development. It's the way my chest is formed. That gap in the middle has no muscle. It's basically bone.


But I do understand and thank you.


So about your pants...


But I hate pants :frowning:


He's still right though.

Regardless, I'm sure you're not talking about a high level comp. So a structural issue like that shouldn't matter if you bring a quality package otherwise. Come in huge and shredded. That's all you can do, don't worry about the things you can't change.


If there were more muscle (and pants) to distract you from the bony gap, no one would notice that part.


Goddamn, what the fuck is going on around here these days...


Shit was falling apart without you here Baubs


I see that, but I always assumed my presence was destabilizing =D.


Holy shit your pubic mound.

Your arms look good, though.


Put some pants on, and then take another pic holding your shoes.

And then come back here for advice.



You can't change the genetic shape of your muscle with regard to insertion points. You can change it's shape via growing the muscle, i.e. there's probably very little you can do with how much sternum you have showing with no muscle covering it. Also, next time you take a pic, crop that shit a little higher.


90% what Eccha said.

The 10% I don't agree with is regarding the pants. Seeing as more people mentioned the lack of pants here than your chest, I'd say it did a pretty damn good job distracting attention from your chest. THAT'S NOT A GOOD THING THOUGH.


Mkaaaayy. 3 week update


hahahahahaha. if only you could wear the shirt on stage.

But in all seriousness, looking big man. Your arms and delts are solid.