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Snubbed Toe


Just started grappling, got a pretty bad case yesterday of a twisted big toe. The left big toe got bent dorsally pretty bad during a throw, making the whole front of the foot swell and the joint at the base of the toe hurt.

I continued training ( dumb.) and when I finished I had to hobble out of the gym because of the pain.

Now I'm eating a bunch of anti-inflammatory spices, curcumin, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, and some Cissus. I'm also elevating the foot, compressing and cooling it with ice packs now and then.

Any other tips to get me back to training as fast as possible?

Obviously I want it to heal so it doesn't become more damaged, but anyone else with experience with what makes things like this heal faster? Upping my Omega 3 intake as well.


I've never damaged my big toe, but have broken my little ones a couple times in Judo.

Do you even know the extent of the damage? Have you been to a doctor?


Nope, but feeling the structures and having some experience with this type of thing it's definately not broken, seems like it's just a strain of the extensor hallicus and the joint capsule of the firt metatarsopahalngal-joint.


Sounds like you have turf toe. I hurt my left big toe last May in a MMA fight. My experience was similar to yours. I felt nothing during the fight, but afterwards the first MTP joint of my big toe started swelling and I thought it was broken. That night and the next day I couldn't bend it at all. I iced it and took ibuprofen until I could get to the doctor Monday.

Anyway, rest it, ice it, and keep taking the anti-inflammatories. Also, look up how to tape turf toe on youtube. It helps.


Thanks! It is improving really fast - I'm superdosing cissus just for the hell of it and ROM, inflammation and swelling has imporved drastically. I also sleep with the foot elevated and outside of the sheets so it's cooler. I'll look into the taping and have a pair of wrassling shoes on the way!


Done this sooooooo many times. NSAIDs, Ice and Rest. Then strap it up for training for a bit. Your other grapplers might not be too happy about the wrestling shoes longterm as they can chew up mats and also are annoying when they are grinding in your face, but in the short term, explain why and I am sure they will understand.


Alot of people use wrestling shoes on the mats, and it was one of the instructors who recommended I got them so that's all good. The sweeling has gone down, I can move the foot again, and now there's only slight pain and some blood residue visible through the skin.

Superdosin Cissus seemed to help, but I can't know if it was that or simply natural healing.

I'll tape up the foot for next practise in a week or so though, hopefully wearing wrestling shoes :slight_smile:


Light rubbing might help with the pain and the residue. I broke one of my toes doing judo, and even after the bone healed it'd still kinda hurt. My judo instructor told me I should rub it to get the blood out, I did a few times (maybe in 3 or 4 times in 7 days) and it helped.


This is a good tip, I've been doing that with ginger oil and it helps alot in getting the swelling down and loosening the residue blood.


Dude, if you can break down a toe injury like this i doubt you need to ask for advice. I hurt a toe and its either straight, bent the wrong way, purple or not purple, swollen or not swollen and walkable or not walkable. I envy your toe wisdom. ]

I've snapped... I believe it's technically, the pinkie toe on my right foot once every 6ish months for the last 2 years. I can tell structurally its broken because it bends sideways and hurts like a bitch.