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Snowshoes For Cardio

Living in dee-lightful New England with impending snow for some point tomorrow, I got to thinking about how I would like to figure out some outdoor training when the weather turns frostier.

Has anyone used snowshoes for cardio during the winter time? Any recommendations on good shoes for beginners? I would like to give it a try if people find it worthwhile, but don’t want to break the bank until I see if I even like it. I see quite a few T-Men from northern U.S. states and from Canada, so somebody must have given this a whirl at one time or another… and Lord knows some sick freak of a coach has devised some S&M-based training regimen to go along with it (which I will, like a sheep, follow).

If you look around, you can rent snowshoes. Try renting a couple of times before you buy, also this way you can check out different brands. You might want to try cross-country skiing. This is real cardio oriented and the have some great trails.

Tubbs are a good brand and relatively cheap. Make sure you get some for how heavy you are.