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Snowed In 30-10-30 Home Workout

I’m snowed in, so I did a home workout today and tried Ellington Darden’s 30-10-30 and 15-15-15 protocol and it led to a brutally hard workout and a ridiculous pump. I would love some feedback on what you guys and Dr. Darden think of this workout!

Db squats 30-10-30
Split squats 30-10-30
Single leg Db calf raises 30-10-30
Chin-ups 15-15-15
Dips on a walker 15-15-15
Push ups 15-15-15
Overhead db triceps extensions 30-10-30
Db curls 30-10-30
Lateral raises 30-10-30
Db overhead press 30-10-30
Wrist curls with Dumbell in a bag 15-15-15
Neck flexion/extension with partner resisting 30-10-30

However, my version of 15-15-15 was 15 second negative, 15 full reps, 15 second negative

That’s one heck-of-a-workout. I can imagine how you felt at the end. I’d be ready for a 10-minute roll in the snow.

Sure, you can do something like that occasionally. But be careful of overtraining if you try three times a week.

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It was certainly a doozie of a workout. I was ready for a nap and a quick step outside in the cold afterwards! The final 30 second negatives were a true test of mental fortitude. And I agree, having completed the workout, I think it would be wise to scale it back a bit.