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Snowboarding Banff



I and a few friends are going boarding to Banff at the end of March. Just wondered if anyone else has been really and how they found it. Also, has anyone been this late in the year and can you recommend any good sites for pics or cams?



Dude its my second home! Where are you boarding. Sunshine?
Lake louise? Norquay? It is one of my favorite places in the world... What do you want to know?


All I can say is that it is beautiful and you will love it. I haven't been snowboarding there but I have hiked up a mountain in the summer and also just visited as a tourist a few times. I believe there are hot springs there as well. Are you staying at the Banff Springs Hotel?

Thank you for bringing it up, now I think I know where I want to go this summer.


I found it lovley. My GF did a season there and i visied her. Sunshine was cool, lots of glades and trees to board through, but watch the hollows...i fell in one and it took me 20 minutes to get out.

Lots of places to eat, and drink, even a cinema. Top tip, get on the bus early as you can, to get a good day in. sunshine was around 1 hour or so away (maybe less) and beat the crowds. Norquay was fairly dull, fernie was great, kicking horse was great, the slushy, the great.

Of course, lake louise, which is beutiful too.

I also went to panorama (Jasper) which had a charm,

Just watch out for Moose and Cougars.


As i said this is one of my favorite places in the world...not trying to be a smart ass miniross, but being from the area, i thought i would help on the geography issues....
Sunshine is only 20k away but by the time you ride up the gondola, you are right, it is close to an hour. Sunshine is always open to may 20th or so, so you don't have to worry bout snow in march. Panorama is in British Columbia which is about 2-2.5 hours away from Banff. Jasper is in the other direction north of Banff and is phenomenal...if you go there you will love it.
A moose is always good to see, more than likely you will see elk though in town. We call cougars Milfs now...plenty of those around!

Go here for web cams of sunshine

As far as Norquay goes, it is the closest to Banff(a couple of minutes) and tend to cater to locals. However, I have had some of my best days there. There is a lot of expert terrain there if you are into that.
I am going to big white tomorrow... a long way from Banff, and on Sunday to Lake Louise where my boy is competing. You will Like the area.

Good luck


Oh Yeah... this was taken last sunday in banff of one of my boys pissing around.


Thanks for all your replies.

We are still debating which hotel to stay in. We are going with Virgin Holidays and the hotels choices are as follows
Sunshine Inn
Driftwood Inn
Brewster's Mountain Lodge
Mount Royal Hotel
Banff Park Lodge Resort Hotel
The Fairmont Banff Springs
The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Spruce Grove Inn

We narrowed it down to two, which are the

Mount Royal Hotel


Banff Park Lodge Resort Hotel.

Im no expert boarder as Ive only been once so I don`t want anything to hard to begin with.

A couple of my friends are a little bit better than I am and would like to know if there are any board parks around.


uh oh

Pic didn`t work


i stayed at the banff park and had a jacuzzi in the room, all for 160 canadia dollars per night, which is about ?65!

I Also stayed at one accross the way (a motel type place) which was clean, had a kitchen and was very reasonable.

Try the spagghetti factory for a big meal, and tip good (my Gf worked there!)


It was 3 years ago now!

I am, by the way jealous as hell of you. I have never been so relaxed and at ease. Really is a very beautiful place


oops.... here is the pic...on the hotels.....

Sunshine Inn
Driftwood Inn
Brewster's Mountain Lodge
Mount Royal Hotel
Banff Park Lodge Resort Hotel
The Fairmont Banff Springs
The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Spruce Grove Inn

Both Fairmont Hotels are 5 star...Quite Impresive properties.

I would recommend the Banff park Lodge to save a bit, but is also very nice.

The others are more budget minded and wont dissapoint you. They will all be clean and nice. The Sunshine Inn is on top of the mountain at Sushine villiage. Ski in, ski out. I love it, but you will be restricted to staying and skiing at sunshine.

By the way, I just got off the Mountain at Big White today...Powder everywhere... it was f'ing great.

Again... have fun