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Aight guys im used to being able to run and practice in a dome so be easy on me.

Awhile ago I posted about how I got injured an lost my chance to play football...well now im back in the snow covered state of massachusetts, im in decent shape, my shoulders pretty good and I need to keep running and doing all the stuff I used to do for agility.

I've run in the snow and I actually feel like there will be strength gains from having the added resistance but I was a d-back in college and I need my speed back so I can do it again. The local gyms dont really have much in the way of places to run so I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions or even a routine developed for guys who are trying to regain speed and strength with incliment weather. Doesnt have to be inside...if you have somthing clever for outside im all ears.



you could find a shoveled parking lot or shovel urself a path and do sprints...


With ice and all that I wonder if it might be better to shovel a path through grass instead of pavement.



I got these things last winter called Yaktrax that you put on your shoes and they help tremendously with slipping on ice and such. I don't know how they are for sprints, but they were fine for medium intensity jogging or whatever. They don't change your stride enough to be concerned about it. The Yaktrax Pro is the one you want, it was designed for running.


Awesome suggestion...would I get these at EMS or some retail place or would the internet be a better spot?


The cheapest I found was Ebay.


Better yet find an UN-shoveled parking lot and shovel it....then sprint.

Seriously. Try a "snow walk". Get yourseld a couple of cross country ski poles and go for a walk in the deepest snow you can find. When you come to a snow bank, don't go around it go over it. Adds a new dimension to total body workout.



I wouldn't sprint on the pavement.

I'm in the same boat. I'm preparing for track and I live in New England. Here are the options that I am presented with. Running on an outdoor track. Running on an indoor track, Brown University in Providence has an indoor track. Find a gym with an indoor basketball court. Sprinting on an indoor basketball court is fun and there are far more indoor basketball courts than there are indoor tracks.

Now is also a good time to just focus on lower body power. Since you stated that you're preparing for football (you did say football right???) you have plenty of time. A lot of this time can be spent squating, ab work, doing indoor plyos etc.


Yeah, unfortunatly most of the basketball courts are school run and the highschools require that you have attended to school to gain entry...im gonna keep looking though. And yeah I did say football. I plan on hittin legs hardcore but I would like to continue running as well.