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Over here in Michigan the unpredictable weather strikes again! Just as we are putting away the snow blowers and shovels and pulling out the lawnmower, we get frezzing rain and 6+ inches of snow!
Screw Snow! I want some warmth and sunshine! (Just doing a little venting because it is APRIL!)

We got hit with snow and plenty of cold air this weekend up here in Calgary.

No shit, I just got my new skateboard the other day too. I got to ride a little bit over the weekend, though.

But, my indo board just got here so I atleast I have something to do inside. I can’t wait to move out west.

Its Snowing in NJ!!! OH What the f_ is going on with this weather!!!

Yesterday it was warm…no…HOT and sunny and now we’re seeing snow flurries. What gives? Like a dumbass I wore shorts and flip-flops to school today without looking at the forecast and ended up with the sniffles and frozen toes! grrrrrrr!

This is all proof that God has a sense of humor.

I hear that, I’m in Saginaw and the freezing rain/snow is really BS. This is my first Michigan winter in 6 years.

Im up in the Flint area and was without power for two days because of the ice. Then the snow came. When will it end?