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Snow Skiing RULES !!!


Just got back from a couple of days at Dodge Ridge. Anybody have any big ski plans this year? My goal is to get 20 days in. I have a trip to Tahohe and Taos in the works right now!


We're planning a trip to Mt. Bachelor. Got a cabin at the Inn of the Seventh Mountain.

It's been a tad bit warm at my usual stomping grounds (Crystal Mountain). I'm to the point now where I'm not so much concerned about the number of trips as I am the quality of the time I spend there. So I'm looking forward to our Bachelor trip.


I've been up 3 times so far. I'm going to try again next week. I have a 7 day trip to CO planned. I have a Copper 4 pack so that's four of our days. My daughter and I are planning to see at least a couple of other areas too.

Last time I went down there we went ot A Basin, Keystone, Vail, and Copper Mtn. I liked Copper the best because of the wide variety of terrain, including some nice cornices and steeps on the back side, and that year they had the best snow coverage.

I never get as many days as I like. I generally get 12-16 with a high of 35 one year. It's that damn time and money tug of war thing.


Mount Bachelor is killer I love being able to ski circles around the mountain. I got 103 ski days in 1980. I lived in shaver Lake Ca. and my 6th grade class went skiing for PE.



Where in WA do you ski?


Crystal Mountain mostly. I used to ski Alpental a lot when I lived closer in that direction.


kraig i haven't been to dodge in 4 years. didn't they expand the moutin?


Yea, they added a new lift and 10-15 new runs mostly black and double black diamond YEEEEE HAAAAAW


Yes, yes it does! I used to ski quite frequentlly. I even used to be a lift attendant at while back. Unfortunately, I haven;'t skied much in the past few years, only a few times.


You all should try knuckle dragging...

It'll change your life...



Damn snowboarders! Just kidding!

I was going to try it when I was working at Ski Roundtop. I swore to the snowboard instructors that I was in the half pipe the first day. I was not joking! Unfortunately, I hurt myself and wasn't able to try snowboarding.


I've done the snowboarding thing. It's pretty easy to pickup on. It's also a lot less physically demanding for the same distance covered. I like skiing and as long as my knees last I'll do that. It's fun and a better workout. Not to mention it's a fuckload faster than a snowboard.

My son rides a 195 CM board and he can barely keep up with me on my skis. So I think snowboards are great for old guys that don't want to go fast anymore.

I met a couple of guys like that in Sun Valley. One was 72 and riding a 173 stick and going up almost every day.


Steely, they're also good for younger guys who've had their ACL's reconstructed, don't want to risk another blowout, yet still want to have a good time on the hill...


That too. I've been lucky to keep my knees for as long as I have condsidering the abuse I've put my body through over the years.