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Snow Day!


Southern Ohio/Kentucky just took a damn load.

So, I just woke up at 4:45 am to go open the gym, and after checking my electronic mail,the radio, and the 3 different TV stations for the last 25 minutes, I finally get the notice that everything in the damn city, including the University of Cincinnati is closed.

I don't think I have been this excited about a snow day since I was like 12 years old. Not gonna do anything all damn day but sleep, eat, watch some movies, and then walk over to the apartment fitness center that never closes and get a workout in.

Going to be a good day, anybody else snowed in today ?


Iced in for me. The storm turned into an ice storm as it headed south.

I still want to go the gym, but my uni is closed. Not sure if the rec center is still open...


Ugh. I grew up in one of the top areas in the country for snow (right off lake Michigan,) and they don't close school for shit. Which, in terms of gym time, is a blessing and a curse.

12 inches of snow in a night? Not closed.
15 below zero? Not closed.
12 inches of snow in a night while it's 15 below zero? Then you're just fucked.


I'm on the other side of the pond and it's the samw way here...

Truth is, we know how to deal with snow.


It's even snowing here in southern MD!! Nothing is closed though..
Moved down from Maine last year, so we kinda missed the snow!
This is the kind that I like..it only lasts for a day!


Northern Mich? I have a cabin between Manistee and Cadillac, right in the snow belt. They always have snow, even when the rest of the state doesn't.

This has been a great winter for snow, but I could do without negative digits.


We also got the snow load dropped on us here in the DC area. Lovely to look at. Since I used to live in Colorado, we'd refer to this day as Tuesday.


My friends in OK all have a snow day. What they call "snow," we call "ice." They were getting thunder sleet, which is pretty cool.


Here in Northwest Arkansas we are covered in ICE and lots of it. It is still falling. Fortunately we still have power and Wal-Marks is open of course. All schools are closed of course as well. I'm going driving later just to have some fun.


I'm in Ottawa... EVERYDAY is a snow day... lol


damn global warming.
we haven't had snow here in years.
just really fuckin cold rain.


im in texas and its snowing right now. last night we had precipitation (kinda a snow/rain mix) that left ice all over everything and then it snowed all night. the current temp is 12 F (with the wind chill, it is in the negatives). its not so bad, but the idiots here freak out when they see white on the ground and they decide that all of the traffic laws are no longer in effect until it is gone.


Started snowing last night and is still going. Schools are closed, pretty much everything else is open.


Not yet, the storm hits us here in a few hours. I'm hoping OSU gets out as I have 2 exams tomorrow.


Tru dat WS4JB.

I wake up a get an email saying the university if closed until 10.

Im praying for tomorrow to be closed as well, we are supposed to get another 5-6 inches. I have class from 9-8:30 basically.

I <3 that the rec is still open though.


12 inches tonight! (of snow)



Americans talking about snow is so cute.


We had a "snow" day, as in it was supposed to snow, but never got below 35, but school got canceled regardless. I'm glad for another day off of school, though (6 day weekend FTW)


It's snowing here as we speak....

People go apeshit and buy the hell out of bread and milk.


What are you talking aboot ?