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Snorting ephedrine

I’ll just get right to it. My friends who some are into various hard drugs claim that snorting ephedrine gives a much harder kick than taking it orally (like a normal person). Yes, I have snorted one pill but it burned like a motherfucker and i started to cry. So fuck that. Yeah yeah blah blah im the reason its getting banned whatever i know someone is gonna say that and i just say yeah ur right im an asshole for doing it. Anyways, is ephedrine more bioavailable when u snort the stuff? How much do you actually get when you swallow it? I mean, i can’t believe that they can tolerate that burning feeling or perhaps they did it while on cocaine or something so they didn’t feel it i don’t know. Just a casual question.

You did try to snort the alkaloids right, not the leaves of Ma Huang?

look, I’ve got your back on the snorting thing. I really don’t understand the fear of snorting: as one ecstacy user told me, “I don’t like the idea of it going straight to the brain.” What, as opposed to the five minutes it takes if you swallow it otherwise?. Once I had a crackhead ask me why I would snort ephedrine. It’s a legitimate vector just like the others. We aren’t afraid of sticking needles in our asses, why is the nose so sacred?

It should hit you a lot harder and faster. I’d suspect it’s more “bioavailable” by virtue of getting more of it into the bloodflow of mr. cranium. Yes, pills cut in sulfate burn like hell but it’s a small price to pay; just don’t do it often.

Gee I wonder why the feds are all uptight about ephedra? Could it be asswipes like your friends doing brainless shit like that. Time to get a fucking clue. These are your friends? Oh wait you did the same thing.

I heard drinking a glass of bleach and snorting ephedrine right after makes it more bio-available, give it a try.

Cooking it and whacking it up probably works too. Or maybe just stop mucking around with ephedrine and take some meth. That should curb your appetite for about three days. Then again, maybe PCP will work better and help you pump out those last extra reps. I know your mum will be pissed if you raid her crack stash so I won’t even go there.

Oh yeah, and just in case you are a little confused, vitamin C is not coke, vitamin E is not extacy, vitamin S is not speed, fish oil is not the same as hash oil, flax seed is only vaguely similar to hemp seed, Grow! is not the new zip out section of “High Times”, low cab lethargy only feels like you’re coming down off acid and surge is not Saturday night on angel dust.

Depends on what you’re snorting, if you’re emptying out the capsule and snorting that then you’re mad, there’s all sorts of crap in them (such as caking agents, filler etc) that wouldn’t be real good for your nasal membrane, and yes I have tried this (I’ve tried lots of things) and it burnt like hell as you stated.

Shit, if you think ephedra hurts try snorting some caffine! I did get a pretty good short-term rush, but perhaps that was from the adrienal rush cause it hurt so bad. Plus, then I was blowing little bits of caffine pill out my nose for the next hour. Actually come to think of it, I think this was covered in a question in MM2k as it was turning to shit. The prob. with snorting epherda is that most supps you buy are standardized Mu Hung, that meens that you are basically sniffing leaves up your nose.

If you think that works good, try this. Blend in some lima beans with listerine and then put it in the freezer until it freezes. Break it apart and wildly snort it. Whahoooo !!!
I don’t think so…

My precious tax dollars go to morons like you. I am shutting off my computer now and am going to sit in the corner and sob.