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Snooping Docs



Be careful if you have children.


They asked my wife if she was a victim of domestic violence right in front of me before they would release her and my babies from the hospital.


Did you say anything, or just blow it off?
Thats a bad situation for you, cuz if you do mouth off it sets up red flags about you having a temeper which could lead to domestic violence in their eyes. Bullshit.


When you find this out, you change doctors. And if questioned why, you either say "matter of choice", or that the doc was getting too personal with your child.

Even if you have nothing to hide. Using a child as a unknowing spy is despicable unless one of the parents is charged with a domestic crime. If there are no signs that say otherwise, the doc should mind his/her fucking business and stick to the medical history charts.


They do that to cover their ass in case you, the father, has done harm to the mother and may do harm to the newly born child. It's a liability question they ask to protect them from women coming back to sue the hospital just after being released and attacked by the father. If she says "no", you are cleared. It's just the given opportunity for the mother to speak up in public before she is sent home.


I kept my mouth shut. My wife said it was a dumb question and there were no problems.


Mine had a questionnaire about it. Seat belt usage and stuff too. NOYGDB I put.

None of your God Damn Business.

I guess they feel then need to do something to earn 180 dollars for a 10 minute visit.

I guess you could also shoot back, "Why do you ask, were you gonna prescribe a drug?" "I already have enough oily discharge from the co pay and insurance thanks."