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SNL Mother-Lover

Awesome new Samberg/Timberlake skit.


Even I have to admit, Timberlake is damn talented.

He sings, he dances, he writes, hes funny as fuck, and he can act decently too.
He may always be that “fag from Nysnc or whatever”, but hes definitely made a name for himself.

Now where too see it if your part of the rest of the world. NBC is a bunch of idiots

brilliant! i get a couple good laughs every time i watch this.


I think Andy’s digital shorts have been the funniest thing on SNL in years. And for most weeks lately, they’ve been the only funny thing. I think Timberlake should do a one year stint as a cast member on SNL. He’s been awesome on it.

I never actually thought about the whole you could be your own step son’s, step father and son at the same time.