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Snipes vs. Joe Rogan??


Okay, so I was in the pet store today, and one of the male employees who always makes excessively long conversation with me mentioned that he heard that Wesley Snipes and Joe Rogan have signed on to fight each other UFC style on PPV.

Has anyone else heard anything about this? Nothing pleases me more than celebrities bludgeoning each other, so I hope it's true...


I believe Joe Rogan fights MMA.


It would be cool if true. Joe Rogan would beat down Snipes though. Compare these two backgrounds (from Wikipedia):

Born in Newark, New Jersey, he was raised in Revere, Massachusetts, and achieved a degree of fame as a four-time state Taekwondo champion before pursuing a career in show business. Rogan earned a black belt at 15 after just two years of training. At 19 he won the US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship, and later as a lightweight champion went on to beat both the middle- and heavyweight title-holders to obtain the Grand Championship.

Snipes grew up in The Bronx and decided early on that he wanted to be a dancer until he took some acting classes. He started at the High School for the Performing Arts, but his mother divorced and they moved back to Orlando. However things did not go well for Wesley. As an actor, his charm was very popular with the ladies, and that did not stick well with the guys. It is said that one weekend while at a party, Snipes had relations with one of the top football players girlfriend. Upon discovering the information the following week at school, the boyfriend was livid and challenged Snipes to a fight. The match did not last long as Snipes was beaten pretty severely and given a mild concussion. Wesley would eventually graduate from Jones High School. While in Florida, Snipes did puppet theatre, mime and musical theatre in competitions and festivals. He then attended the State University of New York College at Purchase and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1985.


Wikipedia is not the be all and end all of information.



Rogan trains BJJ under Eddie Bravo (the man who tapped Royler Gracie at the 2003 Abu Dhabi's in the biggest upset in grappling history) and is a purple belt (pretty advanced). One of my friends has rolled with him before & says that Rogan is damn good. He's even featured as Eddie's demo partner in Eddie's new instructional book.

I don't believe that Rogan has fought MMA yet, but he is the color commentator on the UFC PPVs & is pretty knowledgable about the sport.

However, Snipes has killed vampires with his bare hands, so it's pretty much a toss up.


Rogan was a national champion in his discipline and as such a natural talent. Snipes is an enthusiast.


Snipes main background is in Capoeira. I want to say I saw an interview and he said he's been training in it for over 15 years, maybe longer.

With UFC rules, it'd be an interesting fight. Definitely be a lot of stand up striking, kicking. Anyone know how they match up size wise?


I would pay to watch Joe Rogan get his conceited face punched in.

(That was sort of mean huh?)


This is pretty old news. There were rumors of this about a month ago. Apparently Rogan put out the challenge and there was no response from Snipes. It wouldn't be much of a fight anyway, Rogan would get him down and sub him.


Rogan also a purple under JJ Machado and also trains with eddie bravo.

coperia is like a flashing/dance type of fighting style from brazil, it looks really cool but i think you'd have to be extremely good for it to work..its more for show if im not mistaken.

rogan would just close the distance and probably kick snipes ass imo.


Rogan has rolled with Matt and Nick Serra, at their school around my way. I didn't see it, but my buddy who trained there said he was holding his own pretty well.

Does anyone else remember hearing, maybe 12 or so years ago, about Snipes getting drunk and challenging his own bodyguard to a sparring match? Supposedly, his bodyguard handed him a beating-and-a-half. If they do go at it, Rogan better watch out for the infamous Snipes Slap, responsible for Halle Berry's partial hearing loss.


I would by the PPV in a second but unfortunately it will never happen.

I actually dig Joe Rogan quite a bit and his stand up comedy is some very funny shit.


Are you sure Snipes slapped her? I heard that it was Christopher Williams.


I don't follow MMA really closely but here's a question.Why Snipes?Of all the people to challenge?


It's disputed. Williams says Snipes but most of the media says Williams. I don't know if she has ever mentioned it. Either way, hitting that gorgeous face is justification for the mother of all ass beatings in my book.


I'd hit it!


I originally heard that it was Snipes. After I did a bit of online wandering, I saw Williams' name mentioned. Either way, that is some bad mojo, and deserves a hardcore karma boomerang, big time.


Umm...wouldn't Snipes far outweigh Rogan? I mean I'm sure Rogan would beat his ass, but are there any bodies that would sanction such a fight? (of course I'm assuming Snipes walks around in Blade-esque shape, this might not be true at all.)

Zeb, how could you think that Snipes would even have a chance? I think we've seen that if you don't know ground game, or at least how to keep it off the ground (a la Liddell), you don't really stand a chance in modern MMA. Karate, Kung Fu, Capoeira, etc have not shown themselves to be very effective in MMA.


I'd pay good money to see Rogan fight Carlos Mencia, theiving bastard that he is.


I agree wholeheartedly. Whoever hit her is the living definition of a loser.